• Student Top Tips: Mobile Learn & Learning Edge customisation!

    Over the past month in LTD we have focused our attention to the eLearning survey in relation to the main student queries related to the Learning Edge.  This has given me the opportunity to assemble some information on certain areas of feedback received.  Two of the main areas that caught my attention was the request for […]

  • ICT saving you time on frequent tasks

    We all want to make good use of the technology we have in the University and our ICT staff development workshops are built on improving efficiency with everyday tasks. This blog will introduce you to some ‘time saving’ features and provides links to ‘quick reference cards’. GroupWise Mail Many of us often send out the […]

  • Enhancing your On-Screen PowerPoint Presentations – February 6th 2012

    We are always striving to deliver interesting presentations to engage with our students and colleagues, so this workshop will give you ideas to improve your PowerPoint slide shows. Using audio and visual objects in a presentation makes for a more interesting ‘watch’ but more importantly ensures your audience will remember the message. You can also […]

  • A Digital Choice – Reading eBooks on or offline

    EBooks are becoming more common place in every day life.  Every day we read documents, information and more on our PCs but what about when you want to study or relax with a digital book from the library, away from your monitor? We have the answer! eBooks are now able to be downloaded from the […]

  • Emerging Technologies Staff Development Monday 21 November 2011 – The Right Image For Blackboard

    Want to learn how to make your images more accessible? By optimising them you are creating a resource which is both less demanding on Blackboard and eShare storage and also more usable by your intended audience. Image optimisation is using the most compressed (smallest file size) which remains visually acceptable for the specific role of […]

  • Log off to allow a log on!

    Just a reminder that you need to log off a University PC correctly so that it is instantly available for other students… 1. Close down all desk top applications and log out fully from the ‘GO’ portal. 2. Click on the start icon (bottom left of screen)  – the shutdown menu box will appear. 3. Click on the arrow […]

  • Upgrade to Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010 – How does it affect you?

    Staff Development Overview Sessions have been running since July to give staff a first look at the Windows 7 operating system with Microsoft Office 2010. Further sessions are scheduled and I would encourage you to come along as there is important information conveyed regarding file structures and where to find your files. Sessions are just […]

  • Campus Pack: more than just an ePortfolio

    Over the past few months we have been evaluating Campus Pack: a powerful ‘building block’ to further extend the potential of Learning Edge. It offers all students a personal area where they can create blogs, wikis, journals and podcasts, and allows us to build templates for things like CVs, ePortfolios, and PDP. As students own […]

  • Did you know…about the essential tools and good practice guidelines for computer users?

    Whether you are developing teaching and learning content or professional documentation for your department or service, there is good practice guidance and software available which all users may add to their resource toolkit. Inspiration® mind-mapping software creates visual representations of plans / ideas or concepts in the form of a diagram or mind map. Inspiration can transform […]

  • Did you know… We’re keeping up with Emerging Technology

    We’ve been using technology in teaching for years, some of it for so long that we don’t even think of it as technology any more. Keeping up to date with delivery techniques helps ensure a good experience for our students. Here in the Learning Technology Development team we look for up and coming ideas that […]