Black History Month 2022: Reflections and Reviews

October may feel like a lifetime ago (especially as we hurtle through the final months of the year) and as we had so much going on for Black History Month we’re providing you with a recap and reflection on how Library and Learning Services celebrated:

  • We updated our specially curated reading list, featuring new additions to our collection, with a spotlight on Nigerian Stories and Authors.
  • Our display in the Reading for Pleasure collection on the ground floor of Catalyst complimented this as we selected some books from the list to showcase.
  • On both the list and the display, Olympic athlete Anyika Onuora’s memoir, ‘My Hidden Race’ was a focal point, as she was welcomed to the University to share her story.
  • We added her book to our collection for staff and students to borrow and learn more about her life. You can view its availability and location here if you’d like to check it out.
  • Professionally, we also welcomed colleagues from the Association of University Librarians of Nigerian Universities (AULNU) on campus, to exchange knowledge with ourselves. We certainly learnt a lot and it was wonderful experience to host colleagues from Nigeria.

Amongst all this activity, we still found time to read lots of books! So, in this blog, we would like to share some of our favourite books and reviews!

13 individuals are standing, smiling, in a staged photograph taken in the Catalyst rooftop garden.
colleagues from the Association of University Librarians of Nigerian Universities (AULNU) enjoying the Catalyst rooftop garden
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Study Happy with your Student Advisors: How to Study Happy as an Autistic Student

One of the many misconceptions about autistic people is that we just ‘think differently’ when in actual fact, many of us are dealing with an entirely different cognitive reality that affects the way we experience the world. This means that life changing events like starting university can present a unique set of challenges for us. As an autistic student I have encountered and overcome some of the many difficulties that face neurodivergent people when making the transition to higher education.  

Desk space with cup of coffee, note pad, pen, laptop, handbag, glasses and phone
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Study Happy with your Student Advisors: Staying Organised

Time to get organised!

Starting university for the first time can be overwhelming. Even if you are in your second or third year, you’re still likely to have lots of information and materials coming your way. From your courses, modules and reading lists to sources, societies and sports (then throw in your personal life and perhaps a part-time job on top of this) it’s no surprise managing your work-life balance can be difficult!  

Being organised is a core skill you will need to develop and improve upon throughout university and your future career! As a PhD student in now my 8th year at university, I have tried and tested many organisational methods to help me excel in my studies, whilst having a good, healthy personal life balance, including a job!  Here, I share just a few ways I keep on top of my studies…

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Study Happy with your Student Advisors: Making Time to Make Time 

Winston Churchill famously noted that we should “Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.” Whether you’re just starting your first semester as an undergraduate or juggling work alongside postgraduate study, the key to academic success is to make time to plan ahead. The busy student schedule and academic demands mean it is impossible to remember every task and deadline if you want to do a good job. In our experience, managing your deadlines and the time you allocate to each of them ultimately becomes a mind game, and it’s that experience that forms the crux of what we would recommend in our top tips below to ensure good time management: 

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Study Happy with your Student Advisors: How to Proofread Effectively

While proofreading your work is an important part of completing an assignment, for many of us it is often forgotten, rushed, or left to the last minute. But what is proofreading? Why is proofreading important? When is best to proofread your work? And how might you improve your proofreading?

Here, I share my tips as a 4th Year PhD student on how you can master the art of proofreading for university and beyond. This includes techniques that I have found useful, as well as a fantastic Proofreading Toolkit to help further brush up on your skills.

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Study Happy with your Student Advisors: Settling into academic life

Hi, my name is Tom and I have just started my second year in Politics and Sociology. I am one of your Student Advisors, working with the Library and Learning services team. Coming back to university again has been great and I’m really excited for what is to come. With having finished my first year, I know the shift to university can be different to everyone. I am going to tell you my experiences and some tips to help you settle into university and succeed with your studies.  

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Say Hello to your UniSkills Student Advisors!

Library and Learning Services has recently recruited some new Student Advisors to join our already established (and award winning!) UniSkills team. As current students, they bring a wealth of experience from studying at Edge Hill as well as a great variety of subject knowledge from their individual disciplines. You may have already met some of them at our Welcome Week activities and Find Your Feet drop-in/workshops last month. Read on to to find out more about who they arewhat they are studying and their top Study Happy tips!

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