We all want to make good use of the technology we have in the University and our ICT staff development workshops are built on improving efficiency with everyday tasks.

This blog will introduce you to some ‘time saving’ features and provides links to ‘quick reference cards’.

GroupWise Mail

Many of us often send out the same email message at different times, so why not use a GroupWise template file for these frequent messages? GroupWise will allow you to create a template file with the message content you frequently use and then you call up the file each time you wish to use it.

Microsoft Word Table of Contents and document Navigation

When you are working with a large document or report, Word provides a feature that will build an automatic table of contents.  This is based on using Styles which are a collection of text and paragraph formats and which you can modify for your own use.

Using Styles on your headings will also allow you to use the navigation pane to move swiftly through a large document to update and add content.

Microsoft Excel Multiple Worksheets

If you need to view more than one worksheet in an Excel workbook, you can use the New Window feature to view different worksheets at the same time. This is useful when comparing data across worksheets.

Photo Album with Microsoft PowerPoint

Have you photographed your students on a project, task or other event and wish to use the photographs in a presentation? Try the Photo Album command to insert multiple pictures.

Screenshot (2010): this feature is available to Excel, Word and PowerPoint

When you wish to use an image of something on your computer, the Screenshot feature allows you to capture the full screen or part of it with the Screen Clipping feature.

These and other features are reviewed more fully at our individual ICT workshops where you will get ‘hands on’ experience of using them.

Please see details of the following workshops and book an event at the staff development wiki

  • GroupWise Email
  • Word 3 Advanced Features of Word Processing
  • Excel 2 Functions and Worksheet Management
  • PowerPoint 2 Enhancing your On Screen Presentations

Elaine Czotter, ICT Staff Development  Extension 4214