Just a reminder that you need to log off a University PC correctly so that it is instantly available for other students…

1. Close down all desk top applications and log out fully from the ‘GO’ portal.

2. Click on the start icon (bottom left of screen)  – the shutdown menu box will appear.

3. Click on the arrow and choose log off.

If you just leave the PC,  it will automatically become ‘locked’ and will prevent other students from logging on. 

We understand that occasionally you may need to leave a PC to take a comfort break or retrieve books from the shelves, but if a PC is ‘locked’ for 15 minutes or more we will unlock it to free it up for other students.  This will force you to be logged off and any work will not be saved.

If you need any advice or guidance, or want to get access to a PC that is ‘locked’, ask our roving IT staff (based in the Library) or ask staff at any of our help desks.

Helen Jamieson

Customer Services Manager