• Developing Digital Excellence in December – come a long for a coffee and a mince pie

    As semester 1 draws to close there are a number of opportunities for staff development and maybe reflect on some of the success of the term around using the VLE and share those with us and colleagues or you might be thinking about what you can do differently next year.  The sessions within our Digital […]

  • Learning how to share

    Staff Development: eShare: Making the most of your Digital Repository What is eShare? Why do we have it? How can it benefit me? Come along for an introduction to our digital repository for teaching and learning and see how you can make the most of eShare. eShare offers you the opportunity to showcase your work […]

  • Developing Digital Excellence

    As term begins we wanted to take this opportunity to let staff know about the skills and development opportunities Learning Services are providing as part of our Developing Digital Excellence programme. This is the second year we have created a series of workshops where we wanted to share our expertise and collaborate with staff within […]

  • Learning Edge Upgrade: Introducing New Features

    As most of you are aware Learning Edge is scheduled to be upgraded this weekend (July 21st-22nd). Once completed you will have access to a number of impressive new features and improvements to existing ones. Over the past few weeks we have promoted what these new features can do and how they can help you […]

  • Spring clean your digital skills

    Staff Development Programme – Developing Digital Excellence Calling all staff, dust off your keyboard (sorry maybe taking the spring cleaning pun too far..) Staff from across Learning Services are delivering sessions this month around a number of themes.  There are three sessions from our Digital Practitioner series – maybe you might want to start with […]

  • Developing Digital Excellence

    Developing Digital Excellence – staff development and training in February We have got a number of sessions for staff this month – many looking at some of the new ideas in the digital world, such as QR codes, data curation, and an interesting look at how you manage your digital identity. Sessions are developed by […]

  • New skills for a new year – January Staff Development

    The Learning Services staff development programme – Developing Digital Excellence begins again in January. We have got a wide range of sessions covering all 4 strands of the programme which will support staff across the university in their use of technology and hopefully enhance their knowledge and skills – and maybe learn something brand new. […]

  • Student Top Tips: Mobile Learn & Learning Edge customisation!

    Over the past month in LTD we have focused our attention to the eLearning survey in relation to the main student queries related to the Learning Edge.  This has given me the opportunity to assemble some information on certain areas of feedback received.  Two of the main areas that caught my attention was the request for […]

  • ICT saving you time on frequent tasks

    We all want to make good use of the technology we have in the University and our ICT staff development workshops are built on improving efficiency with everyday tasks. This blog will introduce you to some ‘time saving’ features and provides links to ‘quick reference cards’. GroupWise Mail Many of us often send out the […]

  • Enhancing your On-Screen PowerPoint Presentations – February 6th 2012

    We are always striving to deliver interesting presentations to engage with our students and colleagues, so this workshop will give you ideas to improve your PowerPoint slide shows. Using audio and visual objects in a presentation makes for a more interesting ‘watch’ but more importantly ensures your audience will remember the message. You can also […]