Make the most of the new year and any new devices you might have got as a Christmas gift, and come along to one of our Developing Digital Excellence staff sessions.

In January we have sessions running within the Digital Practitioner strand which will focus on getting the most from your mobile device and the digital tools which are out there.

The Digital Practitioner

Help! My Mobile Is Smarter Than me                        9/1/14              12pm–1.00pm

Making research easier with mobile devices             14/1/14            12pm–1.00pm

(eJournals, Annotation and Referencing)

Keeping The Conversation Going Online                 20/1/14            1.00pm–2.00pm

eShare: Making the Most of Your Digital Repository 22/1/14            2.00pm–3.00pm

Electronic Assessment Management                        29/1/14            1.00pm-2.00pm


ICT skills very much run alongside those skills needed to develop your Learning Edge and use more mobile technology with students.  If you have got a new mobile device or PC why not find out more around using Outlook, including using the web access version.  There are also sessions around the two most popular Microsoft Office products, Word and PowerPoint.

The Digital Office

Outlook email                                                        6/1/14                2.00pm-4.00pm

Outlook Calendar                                                  7/1/14                10.00am–12pm

Outlook Web access                                             9/1/14                10.00am–12pm

Folder and file management                                 15/1/14             2:30pm–3:30pm

On the Edge Hill University Network

PowerPoint 1 – Introduction to On-Screen            16/1/14             9:30am–11:30am


Word 1 – Managing Paragraph                             23/1/14            10.00am–11:30am

and Page Formats

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Happy New Year, the Developing Digital Excellence Team