As most of you are aware Learning Edge is scheduled to be upgraded this weekend (July 21st-22nd). Once completed you will have access to a number of impressive new features and improvements to existing ones. Over the past few weeks we have promoted what these new features can do and how they can help you expand on current usage.

To help introduce you to what’s new, Learning Technology will be running an online webinar (via Collaborate) at 2.30pm on Wednesday 24th July to allow instructors on Blackboard to become acquainted with the new features and tools.  Anyone can join via a computer with an internet connection, regardless of where they are, you could even attend from the comfort of your own home.  Questions will be taken via the chat box in the webinar.

This online session will be very useful as it will provide you with the opportunity to have an overview of the new Learning Edge and the opportunity to ask questions on how and where you may wish to use the new features and tools. Please follow this link to register for the event via the Staff Development pages: http://tinyurl.com/lzzh7yu

Once you have registered, you will receive joining instructions and information via email on how to virtually attend.

You may find it useful to review our marketing flyers.  You can also download and share them with your colleagues.



During the webinar, the following new features will be introduced:

Calendar – a unified calendar across all areas enrolled in to see ‘the big picture’ of what is happening in Blackboard.

Discussion Boards – revamped and easier to follow including profile pictures (if users have uploaded a picture or avatar).

Profiles – entering your own details or optionally using Facebook or Twitter to ‘pull’ through basic info about yourself into Blackboard.

Inline Grading – like Turnitin’s feature ‘GradeMark’ the Blackboard Assignment tool now allows online comments, feedback and grading against the actual work in a virtual window.

Global Navigation – quick links for all users to quickly get to key activity in Blackboard.

My Blackboard – still quick access, but more detailed information about the activity including the ability to reply to any discussion forums from the Learning Edge Homepage without having to click into each individual course or module!

Retention Centre – revamped ‘Early Course Warnings’ with much clearer graphics to monitor and keep track of students.

We will look forward to seeing you online and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the upgrade.

If you have any queries regarding the session please don’t hesitate to contact the Learning Technology Development team on 01695 650754 or via [email protected]

Nina_Unsworth 1Nina Unsworth

Learning Technology Development Operations Coordinator