Learning how to share

Staff Development: eShare: Making the most of your Digital Repository

What is eShare? Why do we have it? How can it benefit me? Come along for an introduction to our digital repository for teaching and learning and see how you can make the most of eShare.

eShare offers you the opportunity to showcase your work to the world, store presentations, video clips and images in an easily accessible way and find ready-made, adaptable materials for your teaching.

In this hands-on session you will:

  • Create a profile – your profile can then be used for departmental webpages, EHRA and CV creation.
  • Learn how to search the repository for teaching resources, guides to technologies and learning resources.
  • Upload your own items – copyright and creative commons will be explained and demystified.

Book on to this session online via the Staff Development Booking system.

Michelle O'Connell




Michelle O’Connell

To arrange for a bespoke or 1:1 eShare session please contact me on x7229.

Award-winning Student Assistants!

Have you noticed our award-winning Student Assistants, resplendent in their red sweatshirts answering enquiries in the library?

At the Employability Awards Evening organised by the Careers Centre on Tuesday 23 April, the Student Assistant team who work in the University Library, Ormskirk won the Student On-Campus Employee Team Award.

This award celebrates students or teams of students who work within their university or college including those working in students’ unions or other departments on campus.

In presenting their awards, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Steve Igoe commended them for their professional and committed attitude and their relaxed, informal style which is communicated to the enquirer.

He also mentioned the unforeseen advantage to employing students in this way is that the organisation has also benefited from their valuable insights into how our services and resources are organised and perceived.

The Student Assistants are based at the ‘Ask’ desk on the first floor of the University Library, Ormskirk. They deal with a range of with basic enquiries including finding books and journals, demonstrating eResources, referencing, navigating Learning Services web pages, using reprographics equipment and ICT issues.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Michael Stores

Michael Stores

Academic Liaison and Skills Librarian

For more information please contact michael.stores@edgehill.ac.uk



Technology Roadshow to appear at FoHSC enrollment day

Technology Roadshow April

Tuesday 30th April sees the return of the Technology Roadshow!

After the success of the last event held in the University Library, we are to bring the road show to the Faculty of Health and Social Care to tie in with the Faculty enrollment and induction day for the newest cohorts, but all current students and staff are welcome to come and ask any burning questions you may have about your devices, gadgets or gizmos.

We would be delighted to talk to you about technology; let us demystify some of the things you’ve heard about but don’t know how to use, and let us help you get started using technologies maybe you haven’t heard of yet!

Some of you have said you would like to know how to do such things as:

  • sync my emails?
  • easily log into Learning Edge?
  • get the course notifications I want?
  • download journal articles and eBooks?
  • save shortcuts to the library and my subject pages?
  • watch videos or listen to podcasts?
  • find online journals and articles?
  • build a reference using the Discover More ‘cite’ tool?
  • find useful apps?
  • connect to wi-fi on campus?
  • find a PC to use?
  • forward my Edge Hill emails to a personal account?

Tell us what you want to know about Learning Edge, Campus Pack, Mobile Learn, the PC Availability Finder, Library Anywhere, Ebrary, Collaborate and anything else you want to know about technology to support your learning.

Come along to the Faculty of Health and Social Care; we will be located in the foyer between 11am and 2pm.

If you’re not on campus on the day to speak to us in person, we have got that covered too!  You can contact us during the event (and beyond) via our social media channels: Facebook and Twitter. We’ll be using #EHUmobileclinic so if you have something to say or a question to ask about using technologies for your studies please get in touch.

We look forward to seeing you!




Carol Chatten
Learning Technology Development Officer


Revision and exams – some useful signposts

If you spending some time over the Easter holidays preparing for exams, and finishing those last pieces of work, we would like to signpost you to some valuable help and support.

We have 128 past exam papers as digital items within our library catalogue. If  a department has made past papers available, we have scanned the exam paper and placed it as a digital item in the catalogue. We have just added a number of papers from 2012.  Most of the subjects are from within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences but please have a look, there may be something which helps you prepare.

We have 30 subjects or programmes and within those subjects, 128 papers.  Papers range from those used a few years right up to those we have just added from 2012 exams.

How to find them in the library catalogue


Do a ‘Title’ search for ‘Exam Papers’ and you will have a subject list.


Search for your ‘Module Code’ and if there is one for that module,  the title of the exam paper appears in the reading list in alphabetical order.

In both cases the icon is an orange jigsaw piece so it is quite noticeable.

As with all our digitised items, to access an exam paper you will need to log in to authenticate as a Edge Hill staff or student.

If you are trying to find research, both for revision purposes or finishing assignments, we have created a top 10 tips around how to identify, locate, evaluate and effectively use information.  We have created a PDF document so if you would like to print  and keep, here it is.

Remember we have guides on our web pages to help with academic writing skills.

If you would like a one to one session for revision skills or a group of you would like a support session please get in touch via the Ask desk, 1st floor University Library or email librarian@edgehill.ac.uk

Learning Services and the University is closed until Wednesday 3rd April 2013 but there is lots of help and support on our web pages, especially around academic skills and using eResources so please take a look.

Rachel Bury

Achieving Assignment Success







We know this is a very busy time for students, the next 6 weeks is crucial to everyone finishing assignments, and preparing for exams.

We have created a top 10 tips around how to identify, locate, evaluate and effectively use information.

1. Use the right information source for what you are trying to achieve.

Oxford Reference Online contains dictionaries, handbooks and encyclopaedias. Searching this will help you understand the terminology of your subject and think of alternative search terms.

Think about other forms of media that might be useful.  For example most things in the arts, social sciences, health and education will have relevant newspaper articles.  Newsbank contains current news reports. Newsvault contains historical news items.

Can’t find the right books in the library – try our eBook collections.  Ebrary has 66,000 ebooks.  You can use the books you need and then save them to your bookshelf once you have created an ebrary account.

Aren’t sure which resources we have for your subject? Please use our subject web pages.  They will help you find the right eResources or you can start your basic searching using Discover More.

2. Search Terms. Think carefully about the words you use to search for your information. Be specific rather than just using broad general terms. It is keywords that you use and this is the most important thing to get right when you search a database.

3. Search Tips.  Link keywords using AND, OR, NOT. AND narrows a search, OR widens a search NOT excludes the term.

4. Scope. Target the coverage of your topic to a specific date or geographical region and be consistent with your searches in relation to this.

5. Finding the actual article. The PDF full text of the article will be located within most of our eJournal collections and databases but if the full text isn’t there, search by the title of the journal you need in the library catalogue to check Learning Services’ access to a particular journal.

6. Evaluate the information you find. Is the article relevant?  think about how you can use it.

7. Manage your search results using the options available this often includes that you can print, save or email yourself the article.

8. Collect the details for your bibliography and reference list  as you find the information. If you are using  Harvard referencing there is a guide on the Learning Services web pages.

9. Save your assignments in more than one place and read through your assignments to check spelling, grammar, and referencing before you submit  them.

10. Use the Learning Services web pages for help with information,  eResources and assignment help.  Or come and see us at the Ask desk in the University or drop us an email librarian@edgehill.ac.uk

We have created this short guide as a PDF document so if you would like to print  and keep, here it is.

or call Learning Services help line 01695 584286

Download ebooks to your Kindle Fire, iPhone, iPad, Android or Sony eReader

Did you know you can download an ebook, or a section of an ebook to read offline?

Two ebook providers, Ebrary and Dawson, offer this option, allowing you the convenience of downloading and reading information for when you haven’t got an internet connection.


You can create an image PDF of a specific chapter or page range: 

  • Same page limits as for printing.
  • Accessible on most computers and devices, including the Kindle.
  • Files do not expire.

Learn more:  http://0-support.ebrary.com.library.edgehill.ac.uk/?p=655

You can download an entire document as an ebook:
  • Accessible on most computers and devices.
  • You can have up to 10 documents at a time.
  • Documents can be full-document downloaded for 14 days. (Single-user-only documents can be full-document downloaded for 7 days.)
  • There is no need to return items: they will auto-delete after 14 days.

You need to install Adobe Digital Editions (free online). For a guide, go to http://www.eshare.edgehill.ac.uk/id/document/5748
For a guide on reading on your smartphone go to http://www.eshare.edgehill.ac.uk/1388/

NEW! Download to your Kindle Fire find out how at http://support.ebrary.com/kb/ebrary-books-on-kindle-fire/


You can download an ebook from the Full Title Display of the Reader portal:
  • Read the ebook offline utilising Adobe Reader© controls.
  • Navigate through the ebook using the nested Table of Contents on the left-hand side.
  • During the download period, you can make annotations and highlight text.
  • Please note it is not possible to print or copy offline.
  • The book will auto-delete after the chosen loan period (1-3 days).

Learn more: http://www.eshare.edgehill.ac.uk/2708/

Highlights of the Technology Road Show & Mobile Clinic

Last month Learning Services and IT Services combined forces to bring the first ever Technology Road Show & Mobile Clinic to the University.  The event was hosted in the Hub, to which students and staff took the opportunity to see demonstrations of Edge Hill mobile applications, and to speak to us and obtain technical support for mobile devices (phones, tablets and laptops).

Road Show 2013

Application wise, we showcased all of the institutions’ mobile apps and online resources, and when we demonstrated our very own Edge Hill Central we found that many students didn’t know this was available, or what it could do.  The combination of having Blackboard Mobile Learn, Email and library access all in one place was quite a surprise to users – prompting them to download the app on the spot!


In terms of the hardware issues we encountered, practically all the concerns were focussed on Wi-Fi connectivity.  Of course, with digital natives becoming the majority on campus and in the classroom, it’s vital we ensure your internet enabled devices are connected.  So to clarify and resolve this issue, please ensure you connect to eduroam.  Like the users we encountered, you’ll find that if you use EdgeNet it will repeatedly ask you to authenticate on a daily basis and even building to building. The new, and much easier way for continuous access is eduroam.

Eduroam will ensure you won’t have to enter your account details on a daily basis, your connection will roam around campus with you and will be active until you change/reset your network login password.  Make sure you connect your device to eduroam today. 

Mobile Flyer

For more information please take a look at the IT Services Wi-Fi pages.

Overall the Technology Road Show was a success and we’re pretty sure everyone we spoke to took something out of the event. If you missed out on the Road Show and have a question for us, please do get in touch on the following address: ltdsupport@edgehill.ac.uk



Mark Wilcock

Learning Technology Development Officer 

Resources special!







Over the past few months, staff in information resources and our academic librarians have been working together to produce a newsletter dedicated to resources.

We wanted to share with our colleagues important information about our collections and how they are being used.  We have also highlighted some of the work we have been doing around reading and reading for pleasure. There is a short interview with one of our researchers in English and History where they talk about the key resources and what is important to them in terms of research resources and help and support from Learning Services.

The back page of the newsletter is dedicated to an article written by Lisa Mclaren which is entitled ‘Forbidden resources?’ and provides a very well researched and interesting look at the role of Google Scholar (GS) and Wikipedia.  Lisa looks at some of the advantages GS has over more traditional databases, and then asks the question about how can librarians address the rise in usage of GS by academics undertaking their research?

In the next resources newsletter, we might have to include a letters page based on the response we get to Lisa’s look at forbidden resources!

We hope you enjoy the newsletter and you will share with colleagues and students information about our excellent eResources and Discover More.  If you would like to look more closely at how students are using your subject resources (both print and electronic), please get in touch with your Academic Liaison Librarian.

If you would like to get involved with the debate around GS or comment about strategies to embed resources, please leave us a comment.

Rachel Bury

Academic Liaison Manager – Quality, Marketing and Communication


Things to remember over Christmas….including our University Library opening times






As semester 1 comes to a close and the holidays are upon us, there a couple of things Learning Services would like to help you with.

We are aware it’s the exam period in January and also those of you undertaking a dissertation – the next few weeks might be when you have some free time.  Learning Services is here to help – if you need some quiet study time, the University Library will be open Thursday 27th and Friday 28th December 2012 from 9.00am – 5.00pm.  You can come in and see us, find resources, get some help, use a PC, bring your books back and take out some more…

You will also be able to ring our telephone support line during the 27th and 28th.  Staff will be available 9.00am – 5.00pm on 01695 584286.

Of course you don’t have to come in to use our excellent resources.  All our eResources will be available, so you can access these 24/7:

  • 75,000 eBooks
  • 17,000 eJournals
  • specialist subject web pages to sign post you to the right resources for your subject

And if your Christmas break is all about rest and recuperation, you can always read our most recent newsletter.  There are updates from our faculty teams, including new projects and collaboration, information about our new website and the new Edge Hill app – Edge Hill Central.

For more details about our opening hours please check the website

Merry Christmas, Learning Services


Freshers Fair 2012

Learning Services gives a warm, (but damp) welcome to everyone, both new freshers and returning students.

As you will know, the 2012 Student Union Freshers Fair is taking place in the HUB on 26th September.  We will be there throughout the event promoting some of our exciting new developments and resources.  Come and find out about the Blackboard mobile app, our mobile library catalogue, see our subject librarians who will be there to help you with any resource questions and also showcase the brand new Learning Services subject web pages.  The SpLD support team and Inclusive Services will also be there to give help, advice and guidance for students with any disabiltiy questions or concerns.

We have some nice things to give away – post it notes, pens and pencils and a competition every hour to win 1GB USB wrist bands.  Our competition is free to entry but we would like you to sign up to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

We would love you to sign up for our social media … you will hear all about our new resources, help and support sessions and important news first!

We have also got some library tours going on during the day – you can join us in the foyer at 12.00pm, 1.00pm or 4.00pm for a tour.

Hopefully see you all in the HUB

Rachel Bury Academic Liaison Manager – Quality, Marketing and Communication