Hello again and welcome back to the UniSkills Focus On… blog series. This month we are exploring Cambridge Core.  

UniSkills Focus On
This month our student blog series explores Cambridge Core
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What is Cambridge Core? 

Cambridge Core is a database produced by Cambridge University Press, the oldest university publisher in the world. It was founded in 1534 by Henry VIII and publishes around 50,000 titles in over 100 different countries. 

What does Cambridge Core contain? 

Our subscription to Cambridge Core gives you access to over 300 eBooks and over 300 academic journals, all published by Cambridge University Press. It covers 37 different subject areas, including:

  • Computer Science 
  • Drama, Theatre, Performance Studies 
  • Earth and Environmental Studies 
  • Economics 
  • Education 
  • Engineering 
  • English Language Teaching 
  • Film, Media, Mass Communication 
  • General Science 
  • Geography 
  • History 
  • Law 
  • Life Sciences 
  • Literature 
  • Management 
  • Medicine 
  • Music 
  • Nutrition 
  • Psychology 
  • Social Science Research Methods 
  • Sociology 

What are the benefits of using Cambridge Core?

If you’re looking for quality academic sources, you can’t go far wrong than to look to a publisher with the longest track record in the world of producing good quality academic content. If you’re studying any of the subjects listed above, you may well find Cambridge Core a useful for high quality academic literature. 

How do I access Cambridge Core? 

The easiest way of accessing Cambridge Core is to visit their website direct. From here you can search for books and journal articles on a particular topic or browse content by subject. 

Further Help and Support

If you need any further help or support finding, accessing, or getting the most out of your resources head over the UniSkills web pages. From here you can access lots more information, toolkits and video tutorials, book on a UniSkills workshop and even book a 1-2-1 appointment.  

Please join us in July, where we will be talking about Oxford Academic. This contains academic research published by Oxford University Press, a leading publisher of academic information and covers lots of different academic subjects.