Welcome to this month’s UniSkills Focus On… blog, where we will be looking at Community Care Inform Adults and Community Care Inform Children

UniSkills Focus On. This month our student blog series explores: Community Care Inform. Read the full blog and more: blogs.edgehill.ac.uk/ls

What is Community Care Inform? 

Community Care Inform is an online resource for social work professionals and is divided into two collections: Community Care Inform Adults and Community Care Inform Children.  

Community Care Inform Adults is aimed at social workers who work with elderly people and disabled adults, whilst Community Care Inform Children is for social work professionals who support children and families.  

To make informed decisions social workers need access to the latest guidance, legal information and learning tools. Community Care Inform can provide this type of information and more.  

The features of both collections include: 

  • Knowledge and practice hubs 
    These contain relevant and up to date information about different topics, such as mental health or safeguarding. 
  • Practice guidance 
    The practice guidance section has lots of professional guidance around a wide range of topics, including working with adults who self-harm, and care and support planning. 
  • Research reviews 
    The research reviews area contains summaries of key pieces of research and outlines the significance of that research for professional practice. 
  • Case Law 
    Social work professionals often need knowledge of key cases, in areas such as deprivation of liberty or mental capacity, and this section provides summaries of those key cases and what the judgements mean for professional practice. 
  • Legislation  
    Social workers also often need to know key pieces of legislation and information about these are contained in this section, which also includes legal commentaries and summaries. 
  • Learning tools 
    Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an important part of professional practice, and this section has lots of materials to help you with this important aspect of social work. Tools include webinars, videos, podcasts, learning exercises and case studies. 

Who is Community Care Inform for?

If you’re a social work student, then Community Care Inform can help you increase your professional knowledge and will also be a useful aid for professional development. 

How to access Community Care Inform 

The easiest way to access Community Care Inform is to go to Social Work Subject Resource page and in the Journals and databases tab, you will find the links to Community Care Inform Adults and Community Care Inform Children

Further Help and Support  

If you need any further help or support finding, accessing or getting the most out of your resources head over the UniSkills web pages. From here you can access lots more information, toolkits and video tutorials, book on a UniSkills workshop and even book a 1-2-1 appointment

Next month we will be looking at SpringerLink, which will be useful for students studying many different subjects, including medicine and health, life sciences, computer science and earth sciences. So, join us then to find out more about this database. 

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