• Ever considered publishing in data journals?

    What are data journals and do they present a good opportunity for Edge Hill researchers? We explain all…

    cover image of the journal 'Data in Brief'
    ‘Data in Brief’ is a data journal published by Elsevier

  • Returning to Learning: January-March 2023

    Are you returning to education after a break? Does the thought of studying again fill you with trepidation as well as excitement? Are you anxious that you won’t be able to ‘keep up’ with other students?

    You are not alone! Students who are returning to study after time away sometimes feel that their academic skills are ‘rusty’, and worry about whether they will be able to remember how to undertake academic study, or write assignments. However, research shows that students who return to study after a break from education are often found to be more motivated, self-determined, focussed and hard-working (Hunter-Johnson, 2017; Kasworm, 2018). Our experience has also shown that given the right encouragement and access to support, all students have the potential to achieve, regardless of their age or stage in life.

    Been away from education for a while? Returning to Learning. This UniSkills workshop offers a time and space to meet other students who have also had a break from study

  • UniSkills Focus On: Gale Literature

    Happy New Year, we hope you had a relaxing and recharging winter break!  

    In the first UniSkills Focus On… blog of 2023 we are exploring Gale Literature. If you’re studying English Gale Literature could be your go to place for literary criticism, author’s biographies, poems, short stories and plays.  

    UniSkills Focus On. This month our student blog series explores Gale. Read the full blog and more: blogs.edgehill.ac.uk/ls


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