LinkedIn Learning

A development journey beyond the classroom

As a mature student at Edge Hill University, I am among the few who are currently in education when the original and rather clunky version of LinkedIn launched.  The nature of my work at that time required little engagement and no requirement for me to interact with the platform, so I knew very little of the more recent benefits the modern-day platform provides. Fast-forward twenty years and I am now frequently checking content, interacting with businesses, connecting with like-minded professionals, and developing insights into industry developments.

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Week 9 Blog

It really does not feel like it’s been 9 weeks of this internship. It pains me to say, in 4 more weeks this internship will be over. However, I always try to look at the positive side of things, when this internship is over I will have made a massive positive impact on the module areas on Blackboard for my department, learning episodes will have been created, the accessibility rating of each module will have been improved, tutorial videos created for how to download specialist software, a navigation video of how to navigate around the Blackboard module areas and improved the captioning of the lectures. 

Overall, I cannot wait to get started with this week. Keep on reading to find exciting, events that happened throughout the week. 

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The key to email accessibility

We Digital Interns have lived and breathed accessibility for the last couple of months. If you were to ask any one of us for advice on how to make a document accessible, we could give you a bucket load of tips. It has now become second nature for us to use refinements to make our reports and presentations 100% accessible. 

However, most of us continue to bash out an email on the keyboard without considering our dyslexic friend, or how it will translate to audio for the partially sighted students in our cohort.  

a key inserted into a lock
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Wellbeing tips from Edge Hill’s Digital Student Interns…

Wellbeing: The state of being comfortable, happy, or healthy.

Happiness, comfort, and good health is a goal which stands at the heart of success; the Digital Student Interns have shared some of the ways in which they achieve good emotional and physical wellbeing…

First up is having time to relax– sometimes this falls into each day or week, and other times this means scheduling ‘down-time’ into your to-do list or timetable! It is easy to focus on productivity and being busy, but rest is imperative for the body to rebuild and regrow. Within this, comes sleep! It is without question that maintaining a regular sleep schedule (where possible) and getting between 7 and 10 hours of sleep per night, helps us to feel energised and positive each day. Additionally, some interns have suggested that listening to podcasts, audio-books, or using the Headspace mobile app have helped them to be mindful, and focus on relaxation. Getting outside and breathing in some fresh air, feeling the sun on your skin, and perhaps going for a short (or long) walk can provide an unrivalled boost to the system too.

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