A development journey beyond the classroom

As a mature student at Edge Hill University, I am among the few who are currently in education when the original and rather clunky version of LinkedIn launched.  The nature of my work at that time required little engagement and no requirement for me to interact with the platform, so I knew very little of the more recent benefits the modern-day platform provides. Fast-forward twenty years and I am now frequently checking content, interacting with businesses, connecting with like-minded professionals, and developing insights into industry developments.

During my time at Edge Hill University, I have benefitted from the partnership between Linkedin and Universities. All Edge Hill students can access a free subscription to not only the networking opportunities of the main LinkedIn platform but via Edge Hill’s Library and Learning Services student’s also have access to LinkedIn Learning.  Students can access a variety of learning content to support their academic study.  But do you know LinkedIn Learning is more than just a professional development and academic tool?

LinkedIn Learning also provides a range of topics to support learning for hobbies, special interests, or health and wellbeing.  Members have 24/7 access to information, learning, and courses ranging from short, brief, introductions to 7-hour courses to build more in-depth knowledge.

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Linkedin Learning

Given the awakening of The Great Resignation, online learning has now become a necessary part of people’s lives.  In Future Learn’s The Future of Learning Report 2022, they identified that 81% of individuals swapping careers found real benefits in learning via online courses.

As a statistic of The Great Resignation myself, I have found LinkedIn Learning a powerful tool in my armoury.  The platform helps build knowledge and skills around my future goals and given me opportunities I would not have had without this platform.  But I am still hungry for more!  I do not just want to be a learning robot; I want to develop and build myself as a person, a parent, a friend, and a colleague.  I am keen to learn how to develop personal skills that will strengthen my brand in and out of work.  So how has LinkedIn learning helped me do that?

Laura Riella, an Edge Hill employee shares how to get started with LinkedIn Learning and her favourite work-related LinkedIn courses here.  However, I want to build on that further, so I will now share with you my top 8 LinkedIn Learning courses I recommend for your personal development:

I came across this course when I first decided I wanted more than just academic and professional development.  Whilst Chris does touch on work-related success, the first two sections of this course focus on life success, self-organisation and self-development.  An insightful way to spend a few hours and, without a doubt, will help you be a better human being in your daily life and shift your perspective.

I came across this learning when I searched for tourism-related knowledge on the platform.  David has such a personable presence and provides travel tips such as packing, seat selection, communicating when there are language barriers, and mindfulness in the moment when travelling.  He also discusses how to cultivate better family relationships using your passions and his philosophical view of his products as conversation starters – but this is not simply a photography course.  His broadcasts are beneficial to planning travel and getting the most from your holidays, all whilst seeing the personable side of destinations worldwide in ways I have never seen before.  If you only have time to check out only one of his sessions, I recommend this one, The Travelling Photographer: The Basics, the tips on packing and flying are so good.

Dr Jay Kumar provides practical tips that anyone can apply to their lives.  I came across this course shortly after experiencing my fourth bereavement in two years of a close family member, and it was just the tonic to remind me that Happiness is a choice no matter the situation.

Whilst Todd is a leadership specialist, his tips in this course will make you manage your day more effectively; knowing your Einstein window will allow you to tackle the big tasks and reduce stress.

The impacts of globalisation mean as people, we need to be mindful of the expectations of others.  Whilst this course is business-related, Tatiana provides some helpful techniques in this short course to build your cross-cultural communication skills away from the workplace as a globalised citizen.

If like me, you are keen to develop your communication skills in all settings, this is an excellent course on interacting with introverts and extroverts.  My volunteering roles as a life group leader for my church required me to develop new skills to communicate with different personality types.  In less than an hour, this course will open your mind to better ways to communicate with those different personalities to get the best results for them.

As we moved away from the lockdown restrictions, I noticed how many people seemed to have lost their ability to communicate in certain settings.  How many times post-covid have you been at a party or event and wished the person would stop talking?  Or how many times have you been in a rush when you bump into an old friend who seems to have no sense of time?  This audio course gives some terrific tips on being considerate communicators in those environments whilst opening our eyes to the blind spots in our communications.

This course is a short 8-minute summary of John Izzo’s book of the same name.  This learning helps you identify the five aspects of human life that prevent us from living fulfilled and happy lives.

The launch of Microsoft Viva leaves me wondering what the subsequent developments in online learning are.  Still, for now, whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours, today can be your choice to become a better person and make your world a little more enjoyable.

By Michelle Hopwood