Wellbeing: The state of being comfortable, happy, or healthy.

Happiness, comfort, and good health is a goal which stands at the heart of success; the Digital Student Interns have shared some of the ways in which they achieve good emotional and physical wellbeing…

First up is having time to relax– sometimes this falls into each day or week, and other times this means scheduling ‘down-time’ into your to-do list or timetable! It is easy to focus on productivity and being busy, but rest is imperative for the body to rebuild and regrow. Within this, comes sleep! It is without question that maintaining a regular sleep schedule (where possible) and getting between 7 and 10 hours of sleep per night, helps us to feel energised and positive each day. Additionally, some interns have suggested that listening to podcasts, audio-books, or using the Headspace mobile app have helped them to be mindful, and focus on relaxation. Getting outside and breathing in some fresh air, feeling the sun on your skin, and perhaps going for a short (or long) walk can provide an unrivalled boost to the system too.

Walking boots image.

Staying hydrated by drinking water, as well as maintaining a healthy and balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables is another popular way to stay happy and healthy. Not only is water the elixir of life and is imperative for surviving, keeping fluids up is the key to thriving each day too- flushing out the toxins, battling those nasty headaches and supporting the basic needs of the body. The vitamins and minerals packed into fruits and vegetables too provide nurture to our bodies- whether it’s a smoothie every morning, some dried mango as an easy snack for on-the-go or a plate full of salad-goodness for your evening meal! Also, ‘laughter is the best medicine– a shared belief within the Intern group which never fails to lift spirits and boost emotional wellbeing.

Image of a smoothie on a table.

Having a giggle with friends or family out in town, or even just over a coffee in the garden is a perfect mood-enhancer, but there can also be a chuckle found in feel-good films and TV series. Why not check out ‘Box of Broadcasts’ with your Edge Hill student login and watch your favourite shows for free online, there is something on there for everyone. The top picks for the interns are Gavin and Stacey, Disney Films, Marvel, and Brooklyn99! TV not your thing? Immersing yourself in a good book might feed your happiness- Catalyst at the heart of Edge Hill campus has a wide range of fictional and non-academic based books and magazines which may spark your interest. In fact, there is a brand new ‘fiction for fun’ section coming to the bottom floor of Catalyst where you can browse your favourite books. Personally, I love a fiction book, but some of the Interns suggested that books based on their hobbies and passions, such as Greek mythology, crafts or astronomy tickle their fancy.

Finally, there was a strong consensus among the Digital Interns that getting our bodies moving was the key to physical and emotional wellbeing. Some of us love going to the gym, some favoured swimming, a few were partial to dancing like no-one is watching, yoga, gym classes, and others loved a quick 10-minute workout from Youtube. The subsidised gym membership provided at Edge Hill Sport Centre also gives a chance for students and staff members to feed their wellbeing 7 days a week with a whole range of different activities!

Image of a woman doing yoga.

So there stands just a few ways that the Digital Student Interns have found to boost their physical and emotional wellbeing. Everybody is different, so why not try your hand at a few of the above suggestions for health, comfort, and happiness?

Here is the link to Edge Hill Box of Broadcasts where you can browse your favourite shows or discover something new!

Box of Broadcasts – Edge Hill University

And… why not browse the Library Catalogue and find a good book to tuck into: Library and Learning Services – Learning Services (edgehill.ac.uk)

If you fancy popping into the Edge Hill University Arts Centre (Ormskirk Campus) to watch a film or browse What’s On, click here! The Arts Centre – The Arts Centre (edgehill.ac.uk)

By Eleanor Rowell (Student Intern)

Photograph of Eleanor.