5 ways your visit to Catalyst will be different….

1. New opening hours
We are now open 8am–8pm (Monday–Friday) and 10am–6pm (Saturday and Sunday). Be sure to plan your visit around these times. We’ll be reviewing opening times in future months, so be sure to check our webpages for the latest.

2. Swipe entry
Before you visit, please bring your UniCard or staff card – you’ll need this to get in and out! To enter, just hover your card over the scanner inside the main entrance. Even if you’re entering with friends or colleagues, everyone needs to swipe in individually so we know how many people are in the building and can keep occupancy to a safe level. Please be sure to swipe out individually too so we know when you have left the building.

3. Face coverings and social distancing
Following University advice, we require that everyone wears a mask or face covering when moving through Catalyst. You won’t need to wear one when sitting at a desk or PC though. 

There’s lots of signage throughout the building, helping everyone maintain social distancing. The furniture has been rearranged with this in mind, and the building is available for individual study only. This means there are no group rooms available, but you can book study space on the third floor. This is a silent study area with PCs and large desks. Book a study space here: https://www.edgehill.ac.uk/services/study-room-bookings/

4. Click and Collect and Return!
You might just be popping in briefly to collect a book or five.Our Click and Collect Desk is just to the right-hand side as you enter the building. Using Discover More, your Reading List, or the Library Catalogue, you can request up to five items in advance and we will retrieve them for you. We’ll send an email when they’re ready for collection, and your items will be waiting for you in a handy book bag.

We are accepting books back and you can place these on the trolleys next to the Click and Collect desk. All returned book stock will be quarantined for 72 hours, after this the books will come off your account. 

5 . 53.3 Degrees
The coffee shop in Catalyst will be reopening on 21st September. Social distancing measures will be in place and things may take a little longer but you’ll be able to grab a hot drink to fuel your study!

Tips for your visit

  • bring your Unicard or staff card and check our opening hours
  • wear a mask or face covering when moving around the building
  • allow plenty of time – you might have to queue, and simple things like using the lift can now take much longer

Plan your visit to Catalyst

Hello, welcome, nice to see you again!

Tuesday 1st September marks the official reopening of the entire Catalyst building, with all floors available to students and staff.

We also welcome our wonderful Helpdesk Team back into the building. They have been doing a fantastic job supporting students and staff virtually for the last 6 months. Whilst the helpdesk is now open, we do recommend that you continue you to reach out virtually where possible.

As previously covered in our earlier blogs, things look a little different in the building as you may expect. Here are some of the things you need to be aware of and remember when coming to Catalyst.

  • Opening hours – from 1st September are 8am – 8pm, Monday – Friday and 10am – 6pm, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Reduced capacity – Catalyst will work on a reduced capacity in order to help us maintain social distancing. During busy periods you may need to queue to access the building so please bear this in mind.
  • Swipe access – to help us manage the reduced capacity, all visitors to Catalyst are required to swipe in and out of the building, so you’ll need your UniCard with you at all times. We also ask that each individual person swipes in and out, even if you are coming in with friends or colleagues.
  • Face coverings – face coverings are required when moving around the building (unless you are exempt) but you do not need to wear them when sitting at a study space.
  • Individual study – the building is available for individual study only. There are no group rooms available at present and all study spaces are limited to 1 person. We ask that you respect these guidelines when you use the building.
  • Furniture layout – the furniture in Catalyst has been arranged specifically to maintain social distancing. We ask that you do not move any furniture and follow the signage and guidelines displayed.
  • Our colleagues in Student Services and Careers are also back in Catalyst but blending with wfh and are providing virtual help and support appointments.  Please contact the helpdesk in the first instance or visit their relevant websites for key information.

We are here for you and we look forward to seeing you – either in person or virtually!

Catalyst Facilities Team

Catalyst now open but don’t forget your Unicard!

We have re-opened the ground floor of Catalyst and launched our Click and Collect Service as of Thursday 13th August. Here’s what you need to know about visiting Catalyst in August. 

  • Our opening times are Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm 
  • You will need your UniCard to access the building as you are required to swipe in and out. This is to help manage our reduced capacity levels within the building.
  • The university advises that you should wear a face covering when moving around the building, but you won’t need to wear one when you are working at a desk or PC. 
  • During August, only the ground floor of the building is open. You will have access to study spaces with and without PCs, the printing hub and our Click and Collect service. 
  • You will be able to select up to 5 items for collection, for more details on our click and collect service please take a look at this page https://www.edgehill.ac.uk/ls/library/?tab=click-and-collect

Unfortunately the help desk isn’t open but they are still here for you virtually.

We look forward to welcoming you back.

Be Kind. Be Patient. Be Responsible

Catalyst news

We are pleased to announce that we will be re-opening the ground floor of Catalyst on the 13th August at 9.00am . We are just finishing off checking all of our safety measures and we look forward to seeing you on the 13th.

You will be able to:

  • Use the brand new ‘Click and Collect’ service based on the ground floor
  • Return books you have had on loan
  • Access our ground floor printers and PCs

Here’s more detail about a temporary measure we are providing in response to COVID – it’s called ‘Click and Collect’. The service allows you to choose the items you need – you can use your reading list or the Library Catalogue or Discover More to find the books you want to borrow. You will place a request and then we will retrieve your items. We will let you know when they are ready for collection. You can pop in and we will hand the books over!. We will issue more information when we re-open.

We will initially open 9.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday only.

Unfortunately Catalyst Help desk will not be open at this time – but you can access help and support via email or Live Chat. We will let you know as soon as we can about the return of the Help Desk and also changes to opening hours.

Follow us on social media for more updates.




See you soon

Catalyst Team

Be Kind. Be Patient. Be Responsible.

We Are Getting Ready to Welcome You Back

Hello everyone! How are we all doing?

It’s been a while since we shared any news about Catalyst and we’d like to thank you for your patience over the last few months. We have all missed our beautiful building and campus – these lovely flowers have greeted us this week.

We wanted to share with you the updates to the building we are making to ensure that when we do reopen in mid August, everything is safe for you and our staff.

Throughout the building we are installing hand sanitising stations and rearranging furniture to support social distancing. We are installing screens at our help-desk and are reviewing our working practices across Library and Learning Services, Student Services and Careers to ensure our students and staff are safe when we reopen.

We are excited to announce that we will be launching our new Click and Collect service in August which will allow you to reserve books online and then pop over to Catalyst and collect them. We’ll share more details on this with you soon.

If you have any books that you would like to return, we ask that you keep hold of these until we reopen and you come back onto campus. If you have graduated and still have some books, you should have received an email from us on how to send these back.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you all back to Catalyst, and meeting our new students too, we really have missed you!

Catalyst Team

Be Patient. Be Kind. Be Responsible

Pure Research Information Repository now launched

You may have heard about the new research information and management system – Pure.  Pure now contains all the outputs previously available in EHRA (Edge Hill Research Archive).

The previous online form you may have used to submit your research outputs has now been retired and is no longer available.

Pure is entirely browser-based so you can access it on any device, smartphone, PC or Mac, using your Edge Hill log-in details.   The Research Support Team will be available to help you navigate the deposit process and any open access queries.  Find out more and access via the Pure – Research Information Repository service gateway page

There will also be several training sessions open to all.  If you would like to contact us to arrange training or work with you to deposit items, please email [email protected].

Library and Learning Services are responsible for the management of the repository within Pure and can be contacted via [email protected].

Pure research management repository: coming soon…

You may have heard about the new research management repository – Pure.  When Pure fully launches on Wednesday 17th April, it will also contain all the outputs which would have previously been available in EHRA (Edge Hill Research Archive).  All research outputs will have a new home in Pure.

The new system isn’t available to Edge Hill staff or the public via the portal quite yet, we are busy building the system in the background.

During the preparation time, you won’t be able to submit any outputs.  The previous online form you may have used to get in touch with Library and Learning Services has now been retired.

When we launch Pure – which is entirely browser-based so you can access it on any device, smartphone, PC or Mac, using your Edge Hill log-in details – you will be able to deposit your outputs using the publication and research type templates available within Pure. This will make for a quicker and simpler process. The Research Support Team in Library and Learning Services will be available to help you with deposits and Open Access questions and queries.

There will be several training sessions to help you with deposits and the Open Access agenda, we will let you know more details when we have launched the system.  If you would like to contact us to arrange training email [email protected]

Library and Learning Services are responsible for the management of the repository within Pure and can be contacted via [email protected].

This post has been amended: the launch date for Pure was originally listed as April 5th

Cite This For Me

All Edge Hill RefMe users were emailed about 6 weeks ago to let them know that the service was changing.

RefMe has now become Cite This for Me and you can no longer access RefMe.  If you use the app or the RefMe website you will be directed to the brand new Cite This For Me service.

The account migration process has started.  You will be able to login into Cite This For Me – although you do need to set a new password. The first time you login – it  will send an email instructing you to set a new password. Cite This For Me have reported that the migration of references may take a couple of days so if your references aren’t there yet, please check back in a few days.

If you were using RefMe and had references in the app, they will move over and you will have free access to Cite This For Me for the rest of the academic year 2016/17, however, Cite This For Me is a paid for app and has different functionality to RefMe and may not be as suitable once Edge Hill free access has terminated.

To help you manage your references,  why not take a look at RefWorks which is provided by Learning Services.

Here is the current RefWorks guide or you can contact us via ehu.ac.uk/askus

Rachel Bury  – Academic Liaison Manager

Learning Services

Do you use RefMe?

If you are a RefMe user you will have received an email about 4 weeks ago all about the up and coming changes.

If you have references in  RefMe, you need to export them before 7th March 2017 and your best option is to use RefWorks.

You can Import your references into Edge Hill’s reference management software, RefWorks. Follow the instructions in this guide to ‘Exporting your references out of RefMe and importing them into RefWorks’.

 If you haven’t used RefWorks before and would like some help, please contact Learning Services.


From 7th March 2017, RefME will become Cite This For Me and all RefME accounts will be migrated to Cite This For Me which has different functionality and may not be as suitable.

Because exporting to RefWorks will not be available after 7th March we are advising you to take action now.

FAQs from RefMe: https://refme.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb/articles/115000823509





Rachel Bury  – Academic Liaison Manager

Learning Services



Study Apps

Over the last academic year Learning Services have undertaken 2 projects to identify apps that can support study for our students.

The first project, led by Andrew Billington, aimed to identify apps that could be used to support students with note taking, as a result of changes to the Disability Students Allowance. The second project, led by Lorna Clarke and Emma Child, looked at apps that support student progress, and covered a range of activities including revision, assignment planning and content management. Both projects carried out a review of apps on the market and narrowed this down depending on their accessibility, cost, and usefulness. Testing of the apps was carried out by staff and students, and focus groups with students was used to collect feedback for the final recommendations.

The results identified three new apps that Learning Services will promote and signpost.

Evernote  takes notes, creates to-do lists, and saves online information and content. It has the functionality to sync everything between your phone, tablet, and computer automatically.

Instapaper is the simplest way to save and store articles for reading offline, on-the-go, anytime, anywhere. Articles are perfectly formatted and the app allows readers to change the font and background style. The speak function allows you to listen to articles on the go and the archive ensures you can manage what you have read.

Go Conqr allows you to create Mind Maps, Flashcards, Quizzes, Slides and Notes for study and learning. You create resources on the website version then sync using the mobile app to revise and study offline and on-the-go. Share your resources with classmates or search for ready-made resources to learn collaboratively with others.

We have had a soft launch, promoting the apps with the new Faculty of Health and Social Care nursing students who started with us in April.  We have also been giving demos and discussing with academic teams at the recent Programme Boards across departments and have received some great feedback from staff.  The main campaigns will begin in September as we welcome new students.  If you would like to find out more or discuss promoting with your students please get in touch with your academic liaison librarian. RachelBury

Rachel Bury

Academic Liaison Manager