Your Student Support Services teams based in Catalyst are moving to a new online portal for bookings and resources. This will provide you with an improved experience when engaging with our support. Here we will tell you a bit more about this change, as well as keeping you in the loop with the latest updates as we prepare to launch.

Student attending a one-to-one appointment with the Careers team in Catalyst.
What will be changing?

Your Student Support Services teams are moving to a new online portal where you will be able to book appointments and events, as well as accessing resources related to the services.

You might recognise the portal if you are already familiar with the Careers and Student Life portals.

All of our support will remain the same, we’re just making it easier for you to access!

The current system Engage2Serve (E2S) is being decommissioned during summer 2024. This means that links from previous emails sent from the old system will stop working once teams switch over to the new portal. Your data will be held in accordance with University policies.

Why is it changing?

You may remember being asked for your feedback on student portals during our survey on Student Communications last year (Got a Catalyst Crush?).

Your feedback told us that you would prefer to have one system, with one log in, where you can access the whole range of support available from teams based in Catalyst. This is why we have been working hard behind the scenes to deliver an improved experience for you and your peers.

Once you log into the new portal, you’ll easily be able to navigate between services to find what you need. From appointments with Money Advice to Uniskills workshops – we’ve got it all.

What do you need to do?

You don’t need to do anything! All students, both new and returning, will be able to access the new portal using your University log in.

However, if you have downloaded the app “MyEHU”, which is part of the E2S system, we do recommend uninstalling it as this will also be decommissioned over summer.

Once the new portal is live, all web links for service bookings will be redirected.

What services can you access through the new portal?
  • Accommodation
  • Careers
  • Disability Support
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Money Advice
  • Student Life
  • Student Support
  • Uniskills and Techskills
Latest Updates

Stay tuned – we’ll be updating this section with the latest news as we prepare to launch the new portal…