We hope everyone is going to be spending some time away from Edge Hill this summer, whether business or pleasure, but to help those of you who might be on business, studying or researching, or just need a library so you can read something, here are two things you will find helpful.

Need to take your lap top to do some work…..then eduroam might be for you.

This is a new roaming wireless service which has been introduced throughout the UK and Edge Hill University is now fully enabled.  This means that if you visit another institution (it could be in the UK or abroad) and they are also eduroam enabled, you will be able to use wireless.  So you could take your lap top and merrily work away using the internet as you sit in another UK academic library or visit another university for a meeting.

Here are some of the benefits of eduroam:

  • It provides easy to use, convenient and authenticated network access for staff and students
  • It provides visitor network access for those who come to Edge Hill from other eduroam universities
  • You only need your home organisation username and password
  • It provides a standard service

There is free wifi access at every eduroam enabled site so you won’t have to wait for a guest account to be set up if you visit another university and it also improves the user experience for staff and students who come to use Edge Hill over the summer.

It is widely available throughout the UK and in many countries around the world.

Need to use another university library and borrow books….then SCONUL Access might be for you.

Edge Hill is part of the SCONUL access scheme and if come and see us at the University Library and get a SCONUL Access card, you will then be able to borrow items and have membership of other HE libraries during the summer.  This service is very beneficial to staff and researchers who may live nearer to another university.

Please come and ask at the University Library Welcome Desk about registering for a SCONUL Access card.

Rachel Bury

Academic Liaison Manager

2 responses to “Exciting news if you are getting away this summer……”

  1. If we are to visit the library with our own laptops how do we go about getting online anyway? Is it through wifi or would i need some sort of code? As you can tell I am not very technical!


    • Hi Charlotte
      All Edge Hill students who do have a lap top which is wireless enabled can use their device across most of the campus (the University Library and the HUB are covered for full wireless services), you use Edge Net. If you need any help please ask at our Ask desk on the first floor, they will call one of the flexi help desk staff to come and help you. Many of our students bring their own device and get themselves on line for all the networked things they need such as GO and Learning Edge by using wireless. There are power plugs through out the library and HUB. The advantage of eduroam is that students and staff from other universities will be able to get easy access to the internet and all the services from their home university if they come to our campus and vice versa. If you use another library or campus in the UK where the university has eduroam, you will be able to get free internet and connect to all your Edge Hill resources. All you need is your Edge Hill username and password, when you are prompted to log into eduroam the username is your [email protected] and then your password. If you aren’t sure about remembering your password over the summer, please ring our help desk 01695 584286