We are working hard to ensure that the study spaces within the University Library are meeting your needs….but we need your help!

This is a very busy time in the Library with students studying for exams and trying to complete assignments, so we would like you to think about what type of study you need to do, choose an appropriate area, and abide by the rules within that area.


For Silent Study

Use the Silent Study Room on the 2nd floor of the Library


For Quiet Study

Use the 1st and 2nd floor of the Library


For Group Study

Use the ground floor of the Library and the Library group rooms


For Social Space

Use the 1st floor of the HUB


If you do experience inappropriate behaviour from other students, please report this immediately to a member of staff.


Helen Jamieson
Customer Services Manager

4 responses to “The University Library…a place for study”

  1. Dear Helen, How interesting that this should appear after my recent experince of trying to find somewhere quiet to work. I live some way from Edge Hill campus. I initially tried my nearest university centre, The Woodlands in Chorley only to find that mature students were bring thier children in with them, just the sort of thing I was trying to escape. So I packed my things and headed to Ormsick. Whilst there were no children in the library there were pleanty of lively conversations going on in both quiet study areas, the hub was actually quite quiet in comparison. The silent study area was very full but I did manage to find a desk but not near a socket for my lap top. On the whole a very frustrating experince.

  2. Hi Tracey,
    Thanks for this information and I am sorry that your experience was a frustrating one. We are currently evaluating the new study spaces in the Library so will take your feedback into account.
    This week we started a noise campaign to encorage visitors to be more mindful of others when using the library.
    You may find the individual study rooms of use to you, and they can be booked 2 weeks in advance.
    Log in to the GO Portal and choose Learning Edge – the option to book the rooms is then on the right hand side.
    If you have any more questions then please email us on [email protected]
    Helen Jamieson
    Customer Services Manager

  3. I’d go further, and suggest that the default position in the library is silent study. The Hub now provides an ideal space for the kind of social learning that some students seem to want.

  4. I have noticed when trying to get access to a computer in the library majority are taken by students who spend their time on social network sites or youtube visits. These can be accessed via the hub. The library should be used for academic use and would be ideal if the library could deny access to these sites.