Please be aware that the University Library will close at 5pm on the above date.

The LIRC at Aintree will be closed all day.

If you are planning to visit one of our Outreach Centres, on this date,  please telephone them first before travelling to confirm they are open. Telephone numbers and contact details can be found here

Please e-mail [email protected] or call 01695 584286 should you require more information.

Other Institutions may also be affected on this date, so if you are planning to use your Sconul Access membership elsewhere, please be advised to check with them first, before you make a special journey. Contact details of Sconul members can be found on the Sconul Access website.

Cathy Carey – Facilities co-ordinator


2 responses to “Wednesday 30th November 2011”

  1. Don’t understand why the university dosen’t know if it’s own staff are striking or not, another prime example of Edgehill Universities superb organisational skills. I know some individuals will be inclined to stay off all togeather, due to financial reasons. I know I will not be attending University on Wednesday, as I do not agree with gambling, nor can I afford to. It costs me £6 to get to University every day, and the only notice that has been announced is ‘just turn up, lecture might be on, might not be.’ Have some respect, we don’t pay about £3600 p/a to be treated with the same dignity as a yard brush.
    Not against the people who are striking, just the lack of information Students have, full support for my Public Sector comrades, shall be joining you in the future.

  2. I don’t understand why you are posting this rant here, below a message which explains, very clearly, what the position is for the library. I would suggest you check with the individual tutors concerned as to whether they will be on strike, and then make an informed decision about your own attendance. For your information, staff are not obliged to tell the university in advance whether they will be on strike. It might also help your credibility if you realised that the university you attend is Edge Hill, not Edgehill.