Access to the wireless network will be unavailable from 25th – 29th July inclusive.  This is part of the planned IT infrastructure developments for the new academic year, including provision for the new Hub building.  IT Services are undertaking a major upgrade to the campus wireless service to increase speeds and enhance coverage.

Please ask at any Learning Services help desk, or contact us on 01695 584286 [email protected] for further information.

3 responses to “Wireless access in the University Library 25th -29th July inclusive”

  1. An absolutely fantastic idea as long as you are not a health student still studying till the end of September like me!!! Thanks for shutting the library on a weekend and now cutting the internet you sure make our lives easy!!!

  2. Hi Lindsay

    Sorry to hear that this is causing you problems. I will pass your comments about the timing of the upgrade to the IT Services department. It is just wireless access that is being disrupted – you will still be able to get on a networked PC.

    We are offering an extra two 9pm openings this summer. As well as Monday nights we are opening Tuesdays and Thursdays until 9pm.
    We are closed at the weekend until the beginning of September, however the PC suite in the LINC building is open 24/7 (access it with your UniCard) and the Library at Aintree is also open every Saturday throughout the year from 10am – 2pm.

    If you have any other questions/concerns please do contact me at [email protected]

    Customer Services Manager

  3. I do access the LINC building but unfortunately that is not where the books are kept. I am in their studying now and low and behold another problem the printer is turned off at 5pm. Was this identified on the doors going in? No only on the printer itself. As for someone stealing paper? There seems to be no resources to take advantage off to steal? The LINC is not the ideal place to study with people coming in just to doss around and watch bbc i player and have you ever tried being in there at night it is very eerie especially when going back to your car since the area is poorly lit and unattended while the security are on the other side of the campus. Honestly, you need to be a student looking out not a window shopper peering in. Recommend Edgehill You got to be kidding cannot wait to say au revoir.