Exam Revision and Inspiration® mind mapping software

Inspiration® software can be used as a tool for developing  memorable exam revision techniques and is fun to use.  The  software is accessible to all Edge Hill students from the desktop and is very easy to use.  Users create a picture of their ideas and concepts in the form of a diagram or mind map and pictures can be imported from photographs.

Inspiration® software stimulates visual and linear thinking and can aid memory retention and memory recall in exams. It is particularly useful for students with a visual learning preference.

The visual representation of ideas means that revision becomes an active process. Inspiration® can help you to organise and clarify your thoughts and ultimately save time. Notes can be condensed and topics summarised to make exam revision easier and information memorable.  Gaps in understanding become more evident and recall is enhanced.

For a free home trial go to:  http://www.inspiration.com/freetrial

For more information please contact:
The SpLD Support Team
University Library 1st Floor
Edge Hill University
Tel: 01695 584372
Email: [email protected]

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