• What about summer?

    SPLD Team’s suggested summer activities If you’re currently studying or waiting to join us, there are lots of beneficial activities or tasks you could undertake during the summer months (UK Summer … 21.06 – 23.09). The SPLD advisors have gathered their thoughts to provide some quick-fire ideas for summer tasks. The list is endless but […]

  • Assistive Technology: how can it help your studies?

    If you’ve never heard of Assistive Technology (AT) and wonder what it is and how it can help your studies then you’ve come to the right place. Assistive Technology software, for example, mind mapping and text-to-speech software, can help you to develop skills and strategies for studying. Whilst it is particularly helpful for those who […]

  • Skype support for students identified with SpLD (Dyslexia/Dyspraxia)

    There is an exciting development planned to improve our services in terms of support for students with SpLD. The SpLD team attended Skype training on 14 November 2013 to consider how it could be used when supporting students with SpLD (Dyslexia/Dyspraxia).  The day was very informative and we were able to talk with students who […]

  • Dyslexia Awareness Week

    Dyslexia Awareness Week 8th to 14th October. Want to know what support is available from the SpLD Support Team or know more about Dyslexia and other Specific Learning Difficulties? Visit the SpLD Support Team stand in the HUB.  Staff will be available throughout the week. Seven TextHelp prizes won every day this week. To mark […]

  • Freshers Fair 2012

    Learning Services gives a warm, (but damp) welcome to everyone, both new freshers and returning students. As you will know, the 2012 Student Union Freshers Fair is taking place in the HUB on 26th September.  We will be there throughout the event promoting some of our exciting new developments and resources.  Come and find out about […]

  • Want to know if you might be dyslexic?

    Want to know if you might be dyslexic? Have you tried the new online dyslexia checklist on the Inclusive Services website? In the last 10 months 751 students have accessed the online dyslexia checklist. An online dyslexia checklist is available from the Inclusive Services website: http://www.edgehill.ac.uk/inclusiveservices/disabilities/checklist The checklist is an interactive questionnaire that allows you […]

  • Did you know….how Learning Services support those who study or teach at collaborative partners or off campus?

    Support for students and staff studying at a partner college or outreach venue can vary depending on what type of partnership it is. To put it simply, there are different levels of support in place for students and staff at partner institutions. All students, regardless of the type of partner, receive access to our e-resources […]

  • Did you know…about the essential tools and good practice guidelines for computer users?

    Whether you are developing teaching and learning content or professional documentation for your department or service, there is good practice guidance and software available which all users may add to their resource toolkit. Inspiration® mind-mapping software creates visual representations of plans / ideas or concepts in the form of a diagram or mind map. Inspiration can transform […]

  • Exam Revision and Inspiration® mind mapping software

    Exam Revision and Inspiration® mind mapping software Inspiration® software can be used as a tool for developing  memorable exam revision techniques and is fun to use.  The  software is accessible to all Edge Hill students from the desktop and is very easy to use.  Users create a picture of their ideas and concepts in the form of a […]