• Creating Collections in LinkedIn Learning

    Have you ever been exploring a topic in LinkedIn Learning and wanted to create a playlist for your own use or to share? LinkedIn Learning offers a Collections feature for this purpose. Here’s a Collection that I’ve created and made available to Edge Hill University users.

  • A Process for Assignments that Require Submission of a Recorded Presentation

    Some assignments require students to submit a recording of a presentation, either as a video file or a PowerPoint file that contains audio. The 100MB file size limit in Turnitin occasionally causes problems for students during submission of this type of assignment. Therefore we have documented a process that uses Blackboard’s Assignment tool for submission. […]

  • Encourage Student Engagement with Key Texts: Join the Talis Elevate Pilot

    Talis Elevate is a tool for collaboratively annotating learning resources, including PDF documents, images and videos. It can be used within Blackboard Ultra course areas. Elevate has been used for a range of purposes, including encouraging close reading, promoting active reading, recording and analysing student interaction with resources, and for activities that feed into class […]

  • Five Updates that Improve Blackboard Collaborate for You

    Blackboard Collaborate has seen a lot of updates over the past year. Here are five improvements you might be interested in. 1. Breakout Rooms can be populated using Blackboard groups Many of us have wanted to set up groups before a session starts and now you can. Create group sets in Blackboard at any time […]

  • How can YOU use LinkedIn Learning?

    All staff and students at Edge Hill University have access to LinkedIn Learning. It is a library of training courses that you can use to help you develop business, technology, and creative skills. How can I get started? There is a LinkedIn Learning page on the Edge Hill University website containing videos that will show […]

  • Six Things You Can Do with Box of Broadcasts and TRILT

    Edge Hill University provides staff and students with access to the Box of Broadcasts (BoB) on demand TV and Radio broadcast service, and The Television and Radio Index for Learning and Teaching (TRILT). Here are six things you can do with these services. One: Access Old Recordings from the BBC’s Digital Archive The BBC is […]

  • Accessing LinkedIn Learning

    We are excited to announce that the LinkedIn Learning video course library is now available to all students and staff. The courses on LinkedIn Learning cover many things, including using a wide range of software, and personal development skills like leadership and communication. An easy way to get an account set up is to go […]

  • Lynda.com is Becoming LinkedIn Learning

    Many of you have used the Lynda.com video library to help you learn how to use new software, or perhaps to help you develop other skills. You might also know that Lynda.com is owned by LinkedIn, who have been developing LinkedIn Learning as a new place to access the video courses. Edge Hill University will […]

  • Playful Learning Conference 2017

    I was fortunate enough to attend the Playful Learning conference over the summer. We explored how playfulness can be included in adults’ learning experiences, which involved things such as playing games that were being used in Higher Education, making things, and experiencing escape rooms. We were all given cuddly toys with which we were to […]

  • Getting Your New Course Ready: Three Things to Remember

    Many of you will be getting your Learning Edge courses ready for the 2017-18 academic year, so here are three things to hep you. 1. Don’t copy Turnitin dropboxes The Blackboard ‘Course Copy’ tool can be used to copy a whole course over, but we’d recommend that you take a moment to consider what you […]