• Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)

    The countdown has started! Join us and take part in this year’s GAAD event, through Anthology Ally’s ‘Fix Your Content Day’. A 24-hour global competition to create more inclusive digital learning content.  

  • Note-taking with Caption.Ed

    Caption.Ed not only gives you automatic captions on any device, you can also edit and download your captions as a transcript to create time-stamped notes. Being able to take good lecture notes is important for everyone. For some, note taking comes easy, others may struggle to take meaningful notes whilst remaining engaged in a discussion […]

  • 19th May – Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)

    To mark GAAD, ‘Anthology and Blackboard’ is hosting a 24-hour global event called… Along with other institutions Edge Hill University is excited to be taking part, following our success in the event last year, Edge Hill University was placed 3rd in Europe for the most fixes. The event is focused on making accessible and inclusive […]

  • Caption.Ed – What Students are Saying!

    Here at Edge Hill University, Learning Services offer students their own Caption.Ed account. Caption.Ed is a real-time and pre-recorded captioning tool that can be used to caption live taught sessions or recordings they produce and save to their computer. Automatic captions can offer students a means to engage with academic content, the resulting editable captions […]

  • Caption.Ed for Online Learning!

    Caption.Ed is a real-time automatic captioning tool for live online events, recorded media and operates cross-platforms. Caption.Ed works on your desktop (Windows and Mac) and in your browser. Why do I need Caption.Ed? Captions are useful for everyone, to aid understanding, help you retain focus and might help if you’re accessing video content in noisy […]

  • Ally, what’s in it for your students?

    Since 2018, Blackboard Ally has provided clear feedback and guidance about improving the content you create. At Edge Hill University, we all know the benefits for staff, but what’s in it for students? Here are three students who have taken time to tell us, in these short videos, what Ally means to them and their […]

  • A changed World.

    Immersive technology changing the boundaries. Before lockdown and the onset of social distancing, classroom teaching was the norm with just a few innovators willing to experiment with technologies that are truly immersive and engaging. Covid-19 and Social Distancing has meant we all have to think differently and about ways of delivering exciting and engaging taught […]

  • Get Ahead of the Game.

    2020, kick-start the New Year with several staff development activities and resources, designed to help you make your content accessible.    Learning Services are offering a range of sessions and resources to assist staff with issues raised by Blackboard Ally, from training sessions on making accessible documents, small steps videos that target a range of specific issues and guides […]

  • Panopto at your service

    Panopto at Edge Hill University The Panopto System at Edge Hill University is the University’s video management system for secure scalable hosting of video and audio resources. Seamlessly integrating with Learning Edge (Blackboard), all seminar and lecture theatres are fitted with the latest recording and capture equipment, making it easy for tutors to use and […]

  • Ally for Students

    “Ally for Students” is a marketing campaign aimed at reminding students what Blackboard Ally means for them. The campaign runs alongside support for staff, helping them fine-tune skills to improve their content so that all students can use that content in a way that meets their needs and in ways they prefer to access it. Ally’s […]