Caption.Ed not only gives you automatic captions on any device, you can also edit and download your captions as a transcript to create time-stamped notes.

Being able to take good lecture notes is important for everyone. For some, note taking comes easy, others may struggle to take meaningful notes whilst remaining engaged in a discussion or classroom activity.

Students in lecture theatre one is taking notes whilst others are listening to the tutor.

Juggling notetaking with listening to a lecture or engaging with others in a debate, can be very challenging and for some, sensory overload.

Ever thought there must another way?

Edge Hill University offer student support for academic writing and note taking techniques you will use for university level study through UniSkill.   

Students now have access to the latest Caption.Ed app to produce captions for all your live online sessions and recorded media.

Caption.Ed app screen view with timestamped captions on the left and Add a notes field displaying on the right, synced and inline with captions.  A video recording is overplayed below..

Improve productivity with your new Caption.Ed account, take meaningful notes that are synced with your transcript.

Caption.Ed mobile app (new)

The new Caption.Ed app means you can capture conversations one-to-one or in small group sessions.

Five mobile phone screens representing the 5 steps to using Caption.Ed on your device to record a what is being said in a face-to-face meeting.

When your session starts you can generate captions in real-time. You can add time stamped notes to the recorded transcript and edited later, giving you more time to focus on the important stuff.

Want to try your free Caption.Ed account, call in to Catalyst and ask at our Helpdesk or by email [email protected].