Student studying at a computer, the caption is "Start thinking and learning about digital access and inclusion" followed by "Global Accessibility Awareness Day".

GAAD 2024 celebrations take place Thursday 16th May and is all about making the digital world more inclusive for everyone, including those with disabilities.

When it comes to learning, accessible content is crucial to ensure that all students have equal opportunities to succeed.

Implementing accessibility features such as transcripts, alt text, and compatibility with assistive technologies, we can remove barriers and allow everyone to fully engage with the materials we create regardless of their abilities. In doing so, we promote diversity, enhance comprehension, and foster a more accessible education experience for all.

By prioritizing accessibility in online learning materials, we can create a more equitable educational environment where every student has the chance to thrive and reach their full potential.

That’s why we, in Learning Services, are celebrating GAAD by increasing awareness and promoting practices that make digital content more inclusive for all learners!

During Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Learning Services are putting on a two GAAD Special events:

Make Your Content Accessible.

Thursday 16th May.

Time:  10:00 – 12:00.

Venue: LP 0.26 – IT (Law & Psychology Building).

Email: [email protected] to book your place.

A special session, where you will learn techniques for building content accessible prior to publishing.

A student focuses on her laptop in a classroom setting, with other students around her also engaged in their studies.

Doc Martin’s Drop-in Surgery.

Thursday 16th May.

Time: 12:00 -14:00.

Venue: Oak Room (Catalyst).

No booking required – just drop-in for a chat.

Doc Martin returns to his surgery, for an opportunity to talk about your document accessibility challenges.

headshot of Martin Baxter, Learning Technologist from Edge Hill University who will be running this drop in session.

Anthology® Ally Initiatives.

Also Celebrating Accessibility and Inclusion are our colleagues from Anthology® Ally.

Young woman in an online conversation and using sign to communicate on screen.  The caption is "Global Accessibility Awareness Month, Anthology Ally".

Throughout May 2024, the Anthology® Ally team will be hosting a variety of engaging activities to celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Month (GAAM) aimed at making accessibility a priority and creating a positive impact on inclusive learning around the globe.

Learn more about GAAM and join us. Register today.

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