The countdown has started!

Join us and take part in this year’s GAAD event, through Anthology Ally’s ‘Fix Your Content Day’. A 24-hour global competition to create more inclusive digital learning content.  

Fix your content day 24-hour clock with Anthology Ally logo

We aim to improve on 3rd place in Europe for the most fixes. We want you to fix an issue using the Ally tool in your modules, make a difference to your shared documents adding them to the number of fixes in the 24-hour event.

Join us on 18th May to make an impact on inclusive learning across all our taught modules.

How it works

On ‘Fix Your Content Day‘ (18th May 2023), check your modules, for content that isn’t scoring 100% on the Ally accessible scale. Ally may have flagged content with a red, orange or green dial indicating needs improvement.

  • Click on the dial to see what needs improving.
  • On the original (editable) document, follow Ally’s guidance to correct the issue.
  • In Ally, so that the fix is recorded during the 24-hour competition, use the Drag and Drop or Browse feature to over right the file in your Blackboard Course.

Deleting and replacing an inaccessible file from your module with a new accessible version, doesn’t count. Only fixes made through the Ally tool will count toward ‘Fix Your Content Day’.

Short overview for instructors of Ally