Southport is a 45-minute drive from Edge Hill and it’s a beautiful, appropriately busy seaside town! From Ormskirk you can take the 375 or 385 bus to get to Southport and pay around £5.5 for a return ticket. Or, if you’re in luck, (which is very likely thanks to our Edge Hill Students Union and International Office), you’ll get a free coach trip like us!

3 things I’d say about Southport:

charming Architecture, tastefully busy and plenty of Shops, all sorts and decorations

…… turquoise Lake and simple yet interesting Pier, + beach

lots of ice cream shops, amusement arcades and other family-friendly facilities.

Plus, you’ll also get to see an eye-catching merry go round, first spring blossoms (if you come in spring) and just very pleasant sights in general. For me what’s best was the tasty, affordable Chinese dining we had!

Our Chinese dining: we got spring rolls, stir-fired beef and mushrooms & rice, prawn curry & rice, sweet-and-sour pork & rice. All for only £19.80, so each of us (3 people) paid only £6+ for a very wholesome meal. The restaurant is Ho Lee Chow (address: Rotten Row, Southport PR8 2BZ) and they have various meal deals.

Our group photos in Southport: (caption from Didem and Cassie)

Wait, it rained later! when we got back to the coach.

That’s all for today. Definitely give Southport a visit while you’re at Edge Hill! Thanks for reading!

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Thank you Cassie and Didem for your contributions to this blog :D!