COVID-19 has taken the world by storm and we international students definitely ‘ve had our share of turbulence. Hello there! Today is 23 May 2020 and it’s officially been two months since the UK went into lockdown.

In today’s blog, I’d like to capture a little story from the day I parted with my Edge Hill friends as they went back to their home countries. And as I had settled in the countrified town of Hadfield. I would like to call it a “from Lancashire to Derbyshire” story, recounting my move from the lovely halls at Edge Hill/ Ormskirk to my new found home in Hadfield.

20 March: A farewell party

Featuring in this party: 2 Germans, 2 Japanese, 1 Mexican, 1 Vietnamese. Our German girls hosted this party showcasing their cooking talents with Turkish and Vietnamese dishes! (Is there a mistake here, you ask? No dear, our cultural backgrounds are diverse that’s why ;).

Our range of menu: first dish Vietnamese, second and third dishes Turkish

For the next round (of eating!) we’d got Korean dumplings, snacks, and more puddings/desserts.

I would like to thank Aina, Dung, Didem especially, for always being such good friends! I hope we’ll see each other again soon, in Japan or Germany or Vietnam!

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21 March (Saturday)

I went to the town centre (of Ormskirk) and it was completely busy, from the shops to the supermarkets to the Open Market, which, honestly, scared me, considering the virus situation and all. So I decided I’d move to my friend’s house in Hadfield. She was really kind to offer me to go and stay with her soon, as she could expect a lockdown coming soon.

Ormskirk’s open-air market (photos for illustration’s sake, from Google)

22 March to 23 May (next 8 weeks): “chilling” in Hadfield

… while at times nervous about the whole situation. Anyway, 23 March to 23 May, featuring: online lectures, online tutorials and my two giant assignments for Term 2. Don’t worry, you won’t have to hear me complain about these. What you’ll see now are (hopefully) beautiful photos of a private garden in Hadfield, a small town in the county of Derbyshire. And while you may not know where Derbyshire is, just know that the world-famous female English author Jane Austen said it’s the most beautiful county in England. (Check out the Pride and Prejudice adaptation on Netflix, you can verify that. Or if you’ve already known, hi-five!)

That’s it for today’s story. I’m sorry it’s quite short (but sweet though!). See you in the next blogs! Thanks for reading!

(If you’d like to know who I am, you can check out my First week at Edge Hill blog. Thanks!)

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