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This blog aims to showcase the insights, experiences and adventures of International students studying at our campus based University in Ormskirk, NW England.

Reading these International students blogs will provide you with a genuine insight into life at Edge Hill University.

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Health and Fitness is Key 🙂

Health and Fitness are essential to good lifestyle. While students are stressed with coursework and deadlines, it is difficult to stay motivated. However, Edgehill makes it very convenient for its students to provide a campus place filled with sports facilities and fitness amenities. As a newly enrolled student like myself, you do need to checkout…

Campus Blog – Part I

For any international student upon arrival and moving to campus for the first time seemed to be little uneasy, confusion will occur as it first time moving and roaming around the campus. This problem usually occurs for few days unless you are familiar with the place environments and campus. In this blog I have tried…

Life as an international student at EHU – Exploring and learning!

For this article, we have our very own Indian student ambassadors sharing their individual experiences of their life as an international student at EHU. We hope their stories help you get a deeper international perspective.Ambassador 1It is strange how life can put you through various adventures and challenges, but I believe that the right mindset…