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This blog aims to showcase the insights, experiences and adventures of International students studying at our campus based University in Ormskirk, NW England.

Reading these International students blogs will provide you with a genuine insight into life at Edge Hill University.

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Discover Ormskirk EP.01: cafe MANDRAKE’S A Magical Experience

Edge Hill has a great campus but that wouldn’t stop you from looking for other gems in Ormskirk would it? Good news for you! Today we’ll discover a haven for those fond of the peace, the quiet and the mystique: cafe MANDRAKE’S A Magical Experience. Mandrakes is very easy to spot when you’re on the…

‘New Beginning’: My first week at Edge Hill

What does it feel like to actually be in another country? If you’ve ever been abroad I guess you have some ideas for the answer. But for me, I only knew what it feels like when I officially arrived at Manchester Airport, to begin my first year at Edge Hill University.