I didn’t ever celebrate Halloween when I was in Vietnam (except for that one year in high school where my English teacher organised a costume party as a class activity for us all to enjoy), but I got the very first and special Halloween here at Edge Hill. Below are three events I partook in for Halloween 2019.

1. Halloween makeup event by Students Union

It is a free event in the afternoon of 30 October. Definitely sign up for this, you’ll have so much fun.

2. Halloween theme park at Coronation Park in Ormskirk

A good chance to see so many local families and kids in their creative costumes and makeup. Walk to town center or take the bus, then the park is right near Morrisons, or opposite Aldi and MacDonald’s, very easy to find, Google map is your friend or simply ask a local on your way.

  • halloween-night-theme-park-in-ormskirk-coronation-park
  • halloween-night-theme-park-in-ormskirk-coronation-park-2
  • halloween-night-theme-park-in-ormskirk-coronation-park-3
  • halloween-night-theme-park-in-ormskirk-coronation-park-4-grill-snack
  • halloween-night-theme-park-in-ormskirk-coronation-park-4-grill-snack-5
  • halloween-night-theme-park-in-ormskirk-coronation-park-6

3. A tour around local houses in Ormskirk at Halloween

There’s not much going on but a few houses do get creative with their decorations, and they are very friendly; my friend and I got to talk to a lovely local who clearly did some very good work bringing the Halloween atmosphere to his house, the star of the night definitely being his special ghost on the grass (picture and video below).

  • house-in-ormskirk-halloween-2019
  • house-in-ormskirk-halloween-2019 2
  • house-in-ormskirk-halloween-2019-4
  • house-in-ormskirk-halloween-2019-3
  • house-in-ormskirk-halloween-2019-5
(Thank you my friend Amanda Tang for this video, I hope you don’t mind me re-uploading it on Youtube so that it can be added to this blog)

Thanks for reading! Until the next blog <3

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