• Not a lot for Charlotte…

    So, that’s that then! What a great night.  The atmosphere in the Beograd arena was electric.  I think the variety of songs was extremely interesting, and everyone gave a great performance. Given that I am the kiss of death when it comes to predicting winners I was hoping that Charlotte would have done better for Sweden […]

  • Place your bets

    Ok, so my last post before the post-mortem tomorrow! I really want Charlotte Perrelli to win for Sweden more than anyone else. I’d love to go to Sweden next year! Chatting to Brian, a friend and scholar of Karen’s from Ireland, he had to give directions to a backing singer with Charlotte (the blond one […]

  • It’ll be alright on the night

    I have just returned from the last dress rehearsal, and there were no technical troubles, and everyone performed perfectly well. One poor backing dancer for Greece went ‘A’ over ‘T’ when they open what looks like a fold-out book during the performance.  There is something to look out for with the Spanish entry, but I […]

  • Where’s the Party?

    Today will be a fantastic day for me – it’s the final of the ESC for goodness sake!  However, it’s also going to be a bit surreal because I will not be at home, surrounded by my good friends, and doing what I have done every year since 1990. Yes, for the past 17 years […]

  • The kids are all right?

    Can I offer you an observation and some advice ahead of tonight – especially if you are going to watch the ESC with small children (or older children who should know better!)? I have a feeling… a lot of us have a feeling that the small children of Europe are going to use their pester-power, […]

  • The quiet before the storm

    Day seven in Belgade (Friday) There is a new energy around here today because we’ve got the preliminary part of the ESC over, and we can now focus on who is actually going to win this bloomin’ thing.  After being here for almost a week I’m not sure I can call it. There’s no way I’d have […]

  • It’s the final countdown…

    So how many did you get correct from the qualifiers last night?  The ‘eurovision experts’ here in Belgrade averaged 6/10 which is a little down on our success rate the other night – but then again when they revealed that Croatia had made it to the final before they announced Charlotte Perrelli I was as […]

  • Dress to Impress

    Some images from the Beograd Arena and the dress rehearsals today (Thursday) : A cloudy day today   It really is a beautiful stage…     Look out for this performer during the start of the semi-final … funny to see the guy inside!    The wonderful Charlotte Perrelli struts her stuff for Sweden…  Iceland is a hot song… […]

  • “You can see better than that at Butlins…”

    Day 5 in Belgrade (Wednesday) brought with it the first rehearsal of the second semi-final.  Ask anyone in these parts and they’ll tell you that this is more competitive than the first, and the more difficult to call.  I was really looking forward to this semi-final as it has a really strong opening, with the […]

  • Have we got news for you!

    As I told you the other day, Karen and I were filmed for Irish television news which was broadcast last night (Tuesday). We’ve heard the amusing news that whilst Karen was very well received for her comment and journalistic insight into ESC2008, I was mistaken for a singer performing for an unknown country!  Now that’s hilarious! […]