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It’ll be alright on the night

I have just returned from the last dress rehearsal, and there were no technical troubles, and everyone performed perfectly well. One poor backing dancer for Greece went ‘A’ over ‘T’ when they open what looks like a fold-out book during the performance.  There is something to look out for with the Spanish entry, but I won’t spoil that for… and I’m not talking about the booing that it will receive with all those fans in the audience.  And speaking of booing – wait until the Russian song from Dima Bilan (song 24) – it’ll be a battle between the teenage girls in the audience and the fans – the girls will go crazy, but for the fans and the press his behaviour and the somewhat pretentious performance may work against him tonight. I’m guessing the teenage girls might win that battle! Also, look out for Francis Tellier for France – very good performance and funny – not sure if the backing singers will be wearing look-alike wigs today, but we’ll see).

Anyway, our last image of the day from the arena (can I really be going home tomorrow – good job that it’s a bank holiday as I’ll be shattered!).


As is now the custom for the host nation, the Eurovision Song Contest will feature their winning act from the previous year, and this year Marija will open the show with a brief reprise of the winning song, Molitva (which is used that much during the proceedings of the broadcast that it almost sounds like a national anthem). 


Marija is joined on stage by what look like an army of femme-bots, for those of you who have seen any of the Austin Powers movies you will get what I mean… 


So, when you see the above action it’s time to open that bottle of whatever you need to get yourself through the night, assemble the nibbles – and enjoy what should be an awesome show.

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quite literally 5 seconds in an Wogan has already slagged it off twice!!

why he continues to present the ESC if he hates it so much is beyond me. still….he’s funny!

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