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Place your bets

Ok, so my last post before the post-mortem tomorrow!

I really want Charlotte Perrelli to win for Sweden more than anyone else. I’d love to go to Sweden next year! Chatting to Brian, a friend and scholar of Karen’s from Ireland, he had to give directions to a backing singer with Charlotte (the blond one I think) as she had got lost – how funny is that!  This singer was saying to him that she knows that she’s not going to win, that’s she’s very happy, and that a top 5 finish would be great.  I think that everyone is saying that today – the Contest is too competitive.  However, to complete my top 10, I’d like to see these songs well placed:

  • Iceland
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Israel
  • Norway
  • Greece
  • Armenia
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • Albania

And a big shout-out to ‘my brother from another mother’, Andy Abraham, and as Terry Wogan would say ‘let’s cheer him on with word and gesture…’

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so far ive liked:

UK – technically the best song and quite a good performance from AA
Bosnia – in a weird way
Israel – was ok
Iceland – need I say more….
Turkey – sounded like Muse, I like Muse
Portugal – she nailed it
Sweden – lasers aplenty
Denmark – it was fun
Ukraine – my new fave! Sorry Sweden
France – it was divine
Azerbaijan – holy hell how high did he get???
Greece – only cos she was hot, the song was pretty dire.
(If Russia wins with that PoS i’m not watching next year)
Norway – well sung but not quite good enough for me.

Best quote from Wogan so far – (On Spain’s and Latvia’s entry – you can’t ridicule the ridiculous)

I can see why you liked the Icelandic entry. He was a fellow waistcoat wearer.

We’ve just opened a bottle of very cold white wine! Hopefully Ro will do well, but Sweden is fab!

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