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Where’s the Party?

Today will be a fantastic day for me – it’s the final of the ESC for goodness sake!  However, it’s also going to be a bit surreal because I will not be at home, surrounded by my good friends, and doing what I have done every year since 1990.

Yes, for the past 17 years I have organised a Eurovision party – at home, in the Rose Theatre, with over 50 people some years to just three or four people in others. And for many of those years there have been people without whom the Eurovision experience would be unimaginable.  There is a long list of people who I can name check at this point, and who travel long distances to come to my ESC party (Jonathan, Julie, Fromo, Denny). However, I’m only going to make special mention of my best mate and Eurovision partner in crime, Rachel.  

Normally we would have the champagne on ice by now and be working ourselves up into a frenzy for tonight. Unusually, I’m here in Belgrade, and Rachel and Co. are making their way to Crete for a family holiday. Funny how things work-out!

So, tonight I will have an awesome time, but it would be totally awesome if Rachel was there with me… and who know,  maybe next year she might be.

Oh, and early warning the final is on 16 May 2009… will we be in Lisbon?????

If you are having a party tonight (which I know some of you are) have a fabulous time. Joanna, have a great time at Merryll’s party, and all of you be sure to jump up and down for Sweden, Bosnia, Iceland and Israel (well, not so much jumping up and down for that one).

And remember this is one night when the ‘always drink responsibly’ seems slightly inappropriate!! The really strange thing is that alcohol is not being sold in the arena tonight because a woman took all her clothes off the other night! Such is the weird and wonderful world of Eurovision.

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Love you. Miss you. Wish I was there too!

PS 2009 date duly noticed in the diary!!!

Love Rachel

Hi Phil

It’s been brill reading your blogs and even more brill that you’ve found the time to give us all a mention. It sounds like you’re having such an amazing time. I found your ‘blog’ only the day before yesterday but had a good sit down last night to catch up with your exploits.

I bet you can’t believe you’re there half the time and have to pinch yourself that you’re so close to all the action.

I had a chuckle at the photo of you and Boaz – can’t describe the look on your face!!!

Will be thinking of you lots tonight and will defo be watching out for you on telly. Merryll will be delighted that she got a mention!

Please pass my regards to the gorgeous Terry Wogan.

Have a fantastic time tonight – can’t wait to hear all about it on your return over a bottle of vino or two.

Lots of love Joanna, Joe, Matthew & Emily (and Merryll!)

PS You’re looking good on the photos – who’d have thought you were having life threatening surgery only a few weeks ago. Take it easy!


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