Exciting new editing software from Avid

Avid is here!!. Our new editing software has now arrived and is up and running.  For those of you who don’t not what we are promoting…It’s the latest industry standard professional editing systems designed and built by Avid, there was a slight delay in getting these installed as we were holding out for the latest software.

The new software has been built from the ground up, and for the technical among you…. this is based on a very powerful PC, with a Windows 7 operating system, running a 64 bit architecture, with Avid Media Composer v. 6.0 software. This allows for multi-layering of complex effects, with added colour correction, with minimum rendering time.

These new systems are based with our other editing booths, 2nd Floor in the LINC building.  Avid media composer has been around in industry for a very long time, and is an established editing platform for media industry editors.  It is packed with high end tool sets that allow professional finishing to be accomplished.  Our systems also have an internal 1Tb media drive, separate from the operating system hard drive, so it’s capable of handling large media projects. It also allows imports of Pro-tools projects, allowing you to finish in surround sound 5.1 or 7.1.

Avid has some amazing opportunities for collaborative working.  Within industry, the large broadcasters have Avid and Pro-tools sitting on large shared media networked storage solutions, for example, the Avid ISIS solution.  Here is an example of how they pull it all together…one or more editors can be working on the same project, while the audio dubbing editor sitting on the pro-tools system, finishes the audio.  When the project is finalised, it can then be colour graded for transmission, and all this is achieved within the Avid ISIS network.

In broadcasting, they will use a totally file based work flow and nothing has to leave the system, unless the customer requires a tape copy.  Media that needs to be kept is then placed into deep archive for retrieval at a later date.  These systems can handle up to 640 Tb of raw storage.

So for the budding editors amongst you, why not come along and take a look at these new systems, and if you want to hone your skills on the latest offering from Avid, the Media Development team based in the LINC, will be able to support you in using our new Avid systems.

If you would like to learn more about what we do or need help with Media or ICT you can contact us at lsmedia@edgehill.ac.uk






Donald Moffatt

Media Technology Development Manager


Summer 2011 opening hours

The opening hours for the University Library and the LINC will change for the summer vacation on Monday 13th June 2011

University Library

8.30am – 9pm    Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
8.30am – 5pm    Wednesday & Friday
Closed               Saturday & Sunday

LINC Building

The LINC will remain 24-7 access  (with a valid Unicard) throughout the summer vacation. However the helpdesk hours will alter to

8.45am– 7pm    Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
8.45am – 5pm    Wednesday & Friday
Closed               Saturday & Sunday

From Monday 27th June the Helpdesk will only open 11am – 3pm daily

The opening hours for all our Libraries can be found here

For further information please call us on 01695 584286 or e-mail lsdesk@edgehill.ac.uk


Cathy Carey

Facilities Coordinator

Important information for 2011 graduation.

Are you due to graduate this Summer? You’ve booked your place and are looking forward to wearing your gown?

Please remember all your items must be returned to Learning Services, and all charges cleared from your library record, before you can graduate. This includes media equipment borrowed from the LINC as well as books etc borrowed from any of our Libraries.

All items must be returned, and outstanding debts paid, by 5pm on Friday 10th June 2011. Failure to do so may prevent you from graduating.

For more information please ask at any Learning Services help desk, email lsdesk@edgehill.ac.uk or phone 01695 584286.

Cathy Carey

Facilities Coordinator

Christmas at the University Library

Opening timesFor the third year running and in response to customer feedback, the University Library at Ormskirk will be open for two extra days during the Christmas period. This is a great chance to use the Library’s resources, study spaces and help desks. So, if you need that bit of extra time and space to revise and take books out, the Library is here for you.

The opening times between Christmas and New Year for the University Library will be:

Wednesday 29th & Thursday 30th December 2010 from 9.00am to 5.00pm

Throughout the entire Christmas and New Year period you also have full access to the computers in the LINC with your Uni Card.

For more information and a full schedule of opening times for all our sites, please visit our website.