Want to know if you might be dyslexic?

Have you tried the new online dyslexia checklist on the Inclusive Services website?

In the last 10 months 751 students have accessed the online dyslexia checklist.

An online dyslexia checklist is available from the Inclusive Services website: http://www.edgehill.ac.uk/inclusiveservices/disabilities/checklist

The checklist is an interactive questionnaire that allows you to find out if you have indicators of dyslexia and what to do next if you have.

Once completed, a score is calculated and you will be given guidance on whether you need further assessment with the SpLD Support Team based on the first floor of the University Library.

Specific learning difficulties arise from a different way of thinking/processing information in relation to working memory/short-term memory, visual-motor and auditory processing.

Why not try the dyslexia checklist to see what support you might need and how to access it.  The earlier you come to see us, the sooner we can support you.

SpLD Support Team – “Working With You”

Inclusive Services

University Library, first floor

Tel:  01695 584372

Email: [email protected]