Support for researchers

Are you a research student or a member of staff engaged in research? Do you want to know how to keep up to date in your area or need help searching a database? If so, Learning Services can help.
We offer both small group workshops and individual sessions at times to suit you. We also offer training in RefWorks, a bibliographic management tool, throughout the year. For further details of the range of support available see:


Andrew Fleming

Academic Liaison Manager – Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Did you know…Learning Services can help you develop your academic skills?

From planning your time to referencing correctly, we offer support and guidance help you develop the skills you need to succeed at University. We cover a range of essential skills including:

  • Finding high quality information sources
  • Effective reading and note-making
  • Critical thinking and reflection
  • Structuring your assignments clearly and logically
  • Writing in an appropriate academic style
  • Using evidence and referencing your sources
  • Making the most of the ICT tools available to you

We do this in three ways:

1. We work with tutors to deliver classroom sessions at key times during your course

2. We run drop-in sessions and group workshops focusing on specific aspects of academic skills

3. We offer one-to-one sessions with an academic skills advisor or librarian for tailored advice on improving your work and finding the resources you need

And remember, you don’t have to be struggling to make use of our support – whatever you want to achieve, we can help you fulfil your potential.

Look out for our drop-in sessions and workshops advertised through the GO Portal, or call in at the Inclusive Services desk on the first floor of the University Library (phone 01695 584372).

Andrew Fleming

Academic Liaison Manager – Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Revising for exams?

Take the anxiety out of exams by getting ahead of the game with your revision.

Anybody can learn and apply exam techniques. You’ll be surprised at the amount of study skills you already have that can be adapted for exam revision. The crucial starting point is in managing your time and planning your revision carefully.

The Open University has some excellent advice and resources for preparing for and taking exams:

Resources on this site cover:

  • How to create a revision timetable (and planning throughout the year)
  • Anxiety management
  • Mind maps and learning posters
  • Summary notes and quick view notes
  • Mnemonics (memory aids)
  • Revising with friends
  • Different types of exams

The site has a combination of audio and visual resources and a booklet you can download. To download resources you need to create an account (which is free).

For more help with revision, you can book an appointment with an Academic Skills Advisor – just call in at the Inclusive Services desk on the first floor of the University Library. We can’t do the revision for you, but we can give you some tips that may make it a bit more manageable.

Good luck!

E-asy does it!

Did you know that Learning Services provides 60,885 electronic books and 16,304 electronic journals for students and staff across all areas of study?

All our e-resources are easily accessible 24/7 through the Library Catalogue, whether you’re on or off campus – so you can do your research whenever and wherever you like.  And because they’ve been chosen by Edge Hill tutors and librarians, you can be sure these e-resources are high quality and appropriate for academic study (unlike those you might find through Google).

In 2010, our e-books were accessed 1,103,873 times and there were 482,877 downloads of e-journal articles.  So next time you’re researching a topic why not make use of our electronic resources – there’s a wealth of information out there waiting for you.

To find out more about e-resources relevant to your subject, take a look at the Resources section of the Learning Services web pages: