Did you know that Learning Services provides 60,885 electronic books and 16,304 electronic journals for students and staff across all areas of study?

All our e-resources are easily accessible 24/7 through the Library Catalogue, whether you’re on or off campus – so you can do your research whenever and wherever you like.  And because they’ve been chosen by Edge Hill tutors and librarians, you can be sure these e-resources are high quality and appropriate for academic study (unlike those you might find through Google).

In 2010, our e-books were accessed 1,103,873 times and there were 482,877 downloads of e-journal articles.  So next time you’re researching a topic why not make use of our electronic resources – there’s a wealth of information out there waiting for you.

To find out more about e-resources relevant to your subject, take a look at the Resources section of the Learning Services web pages: http://www.edgehill.ac.uk/ls/resources/