We are currently exploring how we can improve our offer in terms of students/staff borrowing from the University Library. Our aim is to have a more flexible service, and to minimise charges.

The following are improvements under consideration:

  • Only charging fines on overdue books that are in high demand (ie items that have been reserved by another student/staff member)
  • Introducing an auto renewal service; the library would renew your books for you (apart from any with a reservation)
  • To make the borrowing rules easy to understand; introducing one standard loan length for all books

We would appreciate your feedback on how these changes might enhance, or otherwise, your experience of borrowing from the library. If you have any feedback (positive or negative!) then we would love to hear it.  Just drop an email to [email protected]



2 responses to “Improvements for library loans…”

  1. I think these all sound like really good ideas Helen. I especially like the auto-renewal.