Last term you told us that a couple of things frustrated you about the University Library at Ormskirk:

  • Noise
  • Getting access to a PC when you need one

We are working hard to make sure that our customers know about the range of open access PCs that are available, and also how to make appropriate use of the Library without causing a disturbance to others who may want to work in different ways.

PC access

You can access a range of IT in the University Library and the LINC building:

  • Networked PCs are available on all 3 floors in the University Library and there are 2 large open access PC suites in the LINC, one of which is open 24 hours a day.
  • Bookable group rooms with PC access are available on the ground floor of the Library.
  • Bookable individual PC study rooms are located on floors 1 and 2 of the Library.
  • Lap tops are available for loan from the Welcome desk and the Library is fully wireless enabled.

IT classrooms;

There are many IT classrooms on campus that you can access when they are not being used for teaching.  Ask at one of our help desks in the Library or LINC for further information.

The Hub;

You can access IT in the HUB – and we would encourage students to use the HUB for group/collaborative study, particularly during busy times.



Over the last 6 months, in response to student feedback, we have;

  • Redesigned our learning spaces so that we have clear and demarcated silent, quiet and group spaces.
  • Invested in special signage to indicate what is acceptable in each area.
  • Reviewed the noise policy

  • Displayed posters encouraging students to be mindful of using facebook during busy periods.
  • Introduced a roving member of staff who is able to deal with noise issues as they arise.


We are currently in the process of evaluating the physical changes to the University Library and the way in which we deliver our help and support services and we would love to hear your views!



Helen Jamieson

Customer Services Manager