For those of you who’ve been away working really hard on your studies all Summer (or just working really hard) you’ll notice some changes to the University Library at Ormskirk.

We have put in some snazzy new self issue machines, which are using a new technology called RFID – Radio Frequency Identification. This means that the machines are faster, and we should be able to track lost items down faster than before.

Rather than placing the barcode of the book under the scanner, you now only need to put the book on the square pad. It’s much easier than before, and students trying it out for the first time today thought it was super quick.

Come in and have a nosey!

In addition, returning students will notice that the front door has seen some much needed improvement. New automatic doors have been installed, along with flashy new security gates that turn red when they are set off.  The new doors are set to open on Thursday 3rd September, ready for the new term.

If you’ve got any questions about RFID or the doors, just ask at the help desk and our friendly staff will be happy to find you the answer.