• Health and Fitness is Key 🙂

    Health and Fitness are essential to good lifestyle. While students are stressed with coursework and deadlines, it is difficult to stay motivated. However, Edgehill makes it very convenient for its students to provide a campus place filled with sports facilities and fitness amenities. As a newly enrolled student like myself, you do need to checkout […]

  • Life as an international student at EHU – Exploring and learning!

    For this article, we have our very own Indian student ambassadors sharing their individual experiences of their life as an international student at EHU. We hope their stories help you get a deeper international perspective. Ambassador 1It is strange how life can put you through various adventures and challenges, but I believe that the right […]

  • Fancy Indian Food? We have got you covered 🙂

    When it comes to food, We would like all students to make the most of Ormskirk and Liverpool. For your immediate cravings or reminiscing of Indian flavors within a 5 mile radius , you will be surprised to find a variety of options which can fix your appetite. However, being a 35 min train journey […]

  • Meet the Indian Student Ambassadors at Edge Hill University 🙂

    Hello everyone! We are Indian student ambassadors at Edge Hill University (EHU). We are very excited and would be happy to assist you with all your enquires about EHU. We would be posting weekly blogs about things we feel that are important to student life and make your international student experience memorable! You can ask […]