For this article, we have our very own Indian student ambassadors sharing their individual experiences of their life as an international student at EHU. We hope their stories help you get a deeper international perspective.

Ambassador 1
It is strange how life can put you through various adventures and challenges, but I believe that the right mindset can get through any course. Over the 2 years that I have lived in the UK as a student, I have learned to have an open mind with a positive approach towards every situation I face on the daily. This could be going to class or meeting friends, assignments or part-time employment.

Living abroad can be intimidating but having the right support system around you can play a big role and enhance your international student experience. I live in a private accommodation in Liverpool, so for me it’s a train to catch in the morning at 7:40AM from Liverpool Central to Ormskirk and make it to class at 9:00AM. This simple act may introduce you to some intricate time management skills.

My most exciting moment at EdgeHill was the first day of orientation as I was able to meet so many students from different backgrounds and cultures. It was also a delight meeting with the university faculty and making new friends. It was a challenge to socialize out of my comfort zone. But again, I thought to myself that it’s now or never, I need to have a positive mindset and go beyond my comfort zone in order to make friends. As an international student it is very important to have a good social circle around you. I was able to explore a new identity which made me feel very confident and made every experience at EHU enjoyable 🙂

Ambassador 2
Our life as an international student is one most exciting journey one goes through , apart from your academic life it’s an  incredible mix of cultures and contemporary thinking .Especially if this is your first time in the UK you will be encountering new people, their  culture, tradition and living lifestyle.

The most exciting part for any international student is after a couple of  months of hard work ie -the day to start your application to the day you arrive in university is itself a journey that one goes through . Once you arrive at the campus it has such a vibrant atmosphere and positive environment that it will motivate you to bring out the best in

you. Meeting with new people learning their culture tradition and making friend globally drives you to think out of the box 

For any international student the biggest challenge anyone will have to face is being far away from home and missing your family ,friends and loved ones .But as the time goes one needs to learn and move on , also you will be making a lot of new friends here as well .

Also as  I stay on campus. I would like to share a picture of my accommodation