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Read more about the latest updates from our Clinical Skills team.

Midwifery Drop-In Sessions

The Midwifery Department have recently facilitated a series of student ‘drop in’ sessions to enhance our students’ confidence in relation to clinical skills.

Sessions are open to all year groups as an opportunity to enhance and develop current skills prior to commencing placements.

The first session has been popular with second year students in particular, which had a focus on Abdominal Palpations and Care in Labour.

Future sessions are also scheduled to include Bed Making, Neonatal Resuscitation, Haemorrhage and Fetal Monitoring and Safety Considerations.

– Beth Spencer

Clinical Skills Co-ordinator, Edge Hill University.

What’s happening at Alder Hey?

Our September 16 Operating Department Practice students recently visited our site at Alder Hey Institute in the Park for a ‘Patient Transfer’ session.

With great reviews from both staff and students who attended, the session was very successful which even facilitated students performing CPR on the mannequin in an open corridor setting.

Trust staff commented on how ‘intriguing’ it was to watch the session take place, further commending that despite being highly intensive, the session caused very little disruption.

Our facilities at Institute in the Park provide a great space for staff to speak with students, hold meetings and facilitate team away days, with feedback commending how quiet and easy the space is to work within.

Group staff inductions and tours are being held in June 2019 and any staff who wish to book should contact Hayley, our Clinical Skills and Professional Support Co-ordinator based at Institute in the Park.

– Beth Spencer

Clinical Skills Co-ordinator, Edge Hill University.


Gamified learning? Ready, set, GO!

Beth and members of the Operating Department Practice team at our Ormskirk campus took part in a QCPR race using BLS manikins.

The aim of the race was to do Quality Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for 60 seconds on the manikins which then made the ambulance indicators move across the screen. The winner was the first ambulance to cross the finish line.

The Software, which is currently available in 12 adult manikins at the Ormskirk site and 4 at Manchester, allows users to measure the efficiency of cardiac compressions via Bluetooth, and the app which links to the manikin is free to download and can either be looked at on an individual basis or, as in this case, displayed as a ‘Team Race’.

The more efficient (in terms of rate, depth of compression etc.) the compressions, the faster the ambulance travels and candidates are scored by numerical value in relation to whatever percentage of their compressions score ‘good’.

In terms of teaching clinical skills, this additional software can make learning enjoyable and meaningful. They are recommended by the European Resuscitation Council as a means of ‘measurement’ as currently, assessors rely on subjective observations.

This software adds a little bit of interest for those competitive types as well as improving a vital skill.

In addition, there is a facility on the manikins to measure ‘effective rescue breaths’ for those who are feeling adventurous.

We are hoping to open the race up to everyone and hold a knock out competition to find the faculty’s ‘Most effective QCPR person/team’ – There will also be a prize!

More details to follow…

– Beth Spencer

Clinical Skills Co-ordinator, Edge Hill University.

National Operating Department Practice (ODP) Day 2019

On Thursday 16th May, the Faculty of Health and Social Care foyer was transformed using plenty of Clinical Skills equipment to promote National ODP Day.

The ‘Operating Theatre’ was setup to simulate a live theatre, and other pieces of kit were used to promote how Clinical Skills are taught to Operating Department Practice students here at Edge Hill. For example:

  • Clinical hand washing using the ‘Glitter Bug’ and ‘Glow Bars’ to check the effectiveness of hand washing.
  • ‘QCPR Racing’ to practice quality CPR compressions.
  • The ‘Cricoid Pressure Trainer’ to measure and simulate the amount of pressure on the Cricoid Cartilage when performing a rapid sequence induction.
  • ‘Airway Heads’ to practice the insertion of an Airway Tube correctly and BVM performance.

– Beth Spencer

Clinical Skills Co-ordinator, Edge Hill University.

CAVE Simulation

A collaborative research project between the Midwifery and Paramedic team has been ongoing with regards to simulated environment practices. Recently we have been utilising the CAVE to be able to support this research and allow students to experience a new world of simulated training and education. Although this type of training only uses a fraction of the CAVEs true capabilities the feedback as has been phenomenal and already further sessions for training are been organised by Giliane Fenech of the EHU Midwifery team for their students.

This is just another step in which members of EHU are pushing the limits in training and education for todays’ students and tomorrows practitioners.


– Rory McKelvin

Paramedic Lecturer, Edge Hill University.

3D Printing

The Paramedic department, in conjunction with Beth Spencer, have been taking advantage of some of the excellent capabilities the EHU Tech Hub has to offer by 3D Printing fake tablets, capsules medications and a crico trainer.

These allow for more authentic and realistic simulations to be prepare students for the types of environments and situations they may be exposed to when qualified, and these additions to our simulated and immersive training has allowed for higher fidelity scenarios.

The potential for 3D printing is virtually limitless and as such further plans to improve simulated practice is underway.


– Beth Spencer

Clinical Skills Co-ordinator, Edge Hill University.

Advanced Life Support (ALS) Course

Over the weekend of the 11th and 12th May we successfully ran our first RCUK Advanced Life Support course.

It was an amazing weekend and a truly proud moment for Edge Hill University as we are the third University in the country to be accredited to do so. We had external and internal candidates who have given excellent feedback.

I am also proud to say that our internal candidates did themselves and the university proud and truly shone brightly throughout the course, well done!

We hope to expand and grow in the future and will keep you all updated, a big thank you to all the support and hard work from everyone involved.


– Rory McKelvin.

RCUK Administrative lead, Edge Hill University.

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