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Dr Tsang presents in Italy

Congratulations to Dr Catherine Tsang, who was invited to chair session 1 on “Cocoa Polyphenols and Health” and present her research on the “Effect of Cocoa Polyphenols on Glucocorticoids and markers of Stress” at the International Society of Cocoa and Chocolate in Health and Medicine 3rd International Congress from the 5-6th December 2019 in Modica, Italy.

The research Catherine has presented is from a recent publication in May 2019 in the journal “Antioxidants”, which involved research at Edge Hill University with an Undergraduate nutrition student funded by the Nutrition Society Internship Award in the summer of 2018.

Royal Society of Medicine Fellow

Dr Catherine Tsang is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) and also a council board member of the RSM Food and Health forum.

As a council member, Catherine has been involved in planning and developing a series of upcoming conferences all taking place at the Royal Society of Medicine in London. The next conference will take place in February 2020 around food fortification, followed by a conference in June 2020 around nutrition training in medical curricula.

Dr Tsang has also been invited to contribute to articles on both topics for publication in the Royal Society of Medicine journal – Congratulations!

Euromed Collaboration

Congratulations to Senior Lecturer in Human Nutrition and Health, Dr Catherine Tsang, who has established a new collaboration with Euromed – an International nutraceutical company based in Barcelona.

Euromed are providing their food extracts of pomegranate for research projects at Edge Hill University, looking at the potential anti-adipogenic (I.e. anti obesity) effects of pomegranate polyphenols in a cell culture preadipocyte model system. In addition, the collaboration will also investigate aspects of their effect on memory and cognitive function in humans. This will involve cross faculty work with Edge Hill Graduate Teaching Assistants.

Learn more about Euromed at:

Mega Evento Nutriçâo 2019

Dr Julie Abayomi is the new Associate Head of Applied Health and Social Care, who started work at Edge Hill University in June 2019. Dr Margaret Charnley is an Associate Tutor for the nutrition programmes. This August they were lucky enough to be awarded funding from UK The Nutrition Society, to travel to Brazil and attend Mega Evento Nutricao 2019 in Sao Paolo.

‘We were greeted on arrival at Guarulhos airport by the Mega Evento organisers, Cláudio and his wife Sibele, with our workshop scheduled for the following day (Thursday 22nd August). Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, from Cláudio, to the interpreter Marco and the students who attended our sessions.  In the morning we presented a comparison of UK guidelines and Brazilian recommendations on maternal nutrition with guidance to the additional dietary requirements of vulnerable pregnant women. We also held a prize draw, to win 2 editions of the Nutrition Society Human Nutrition textbook, translated into Portuguese, the lucky prize winners were happy to pose for a photograph. In the afternoon we presented our research papers on the experiences and perceptions of midwives in delivering weight management and healthy eating advice to pregnant women with obesity and a Public Patient Involvement investigation into healthy eating and weight management advice during pregnancy, these were both positively received, generating lots of interesting questions.

On Friday (23rdAugust), we visited Sao Paolo University (, specifically their midwifery department (Obstetriz). This is the only midwifery programme for the whole of Brazil and it has been running since 2005. To date they have trained 388 midwives for a population of over 210,000,000 people, so plenty of work to be done. We met with the programme leader Professor Claudia Medeiros de Castro and nutritionist Dr Anna Karenina Azevedo Martins. We presented an overview of our research to staff and students; with lots of interesting discussion afterwards. Hopefully a very successful international collaboration will result from our visit. We would like to thank the Nutrition Society for their help, support and funding to allow this visit to be possible.’

Supporting young people at risk of violent crime or criminal exploitation

Sally-Ann Ashton is a Lecturer in the Psychosocial Analysis of Offending Behaviour and is involved with a project regionally to identify and support young people who are involved with or at risk of violent crime or criminal exploitation.

Dr Sally-Ann Ashton

Sally-Ann was awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Travel Fellowship to research US gang interventions in July and August 2019. She began her research in Houston with Harris County Constable Precinct 1. She attended Crisis Intervention Training for officers and observed procedures in the Mental Health Division and the associated court processes.

Sally-Ann then travelled to Chicago to learn about restorative interventions with the Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation; she was able to speak to staff and young people who have been affected by gang violence. In Chicago she attended the National Gang Crime Research Center Conference; presenting papers on her research and involvement in UK gang interventions, and learning from a diverse range of Law Enforcement, Juvenile Justice and other practitioners for three days. She then attended training sessions for youth workers at Kentucky’s Department of Juvenile Justice and spoke to managers and teachers at a KDJJ day school to understand how young people can be supported through education. Returning to Houston, Sally-Ann then met with the supervisors from Precinct 1’s Juvenile Division and was able to learn about educational programmes for young people under detention. The fellowship was invaluable and has enabled Sally-Ann to bring a wide rangeof approaches and knowledge back to her work in the UK.

Nutrition futures 2019

Congratulations to Edge Hill University Nutrition student, Lesley, who presented her preliminary findings from her nutrition society funded project at nutrition futures event earlier this month.

Lesley interviewed nine farmers in total; six in South West England and three from the Northwest to explore their farming practices (past, present and future plans) in relation to food sustainability.

Student Profile | Valerie Hutson

Graduating in 2015 from Edge Hill with a First Class BSc (Hons) degree in Nutrition and Health, Val applied to join the Association for Nutrition UK Voluntary Register via the portfolio route.

In 2016 Blackpool Council recruited Val as their Healthy Lifestyles Nutritionist based at the Towns new Health Works Hub. This new initiative brought together employment, health and lifestyle specialist providing advice for local residents to help them gain employment and improve overall health and wellbeing. Val led the team of Healthy Lifestyles Coaches whose role it was to encourage and support Blackpool residents to make healthier choices. 

As part of the Council’s Public Health Team Val also supported the development of the new Healthier Choices Catering Award. She encourages food outlets, such as take-aways, schools, children’s centres, and workplace canteens to adopt healthier cooking methods and make healthier food options available.  Val has presented over 125 Healthier Choices Awards and in 2019 launched the New Junior Healthier Choices Award recognising healthier, family friendly venues that welcome in breastfeeding mothers.

Working within the community Val has delivered primary school taster sessions to promote healthy packed lunches and breakfasts, developing leaflets and activity sheets to reinforce health messages. She also supported the mental health charity Headstart by planning and facilitating healthy eating cooking courses with groups of High School students.

After recently completing Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food ‘Train the Trainer’ Programme Val with be encouraging Blackpool families to cook from scratch with hands on cooking sessions.

Student Profile | Nicola Holden

Nicola graduated from Edge Hill University in July 2015 with a First Class Honours Degree in Nutrition and Health.

“Studying nutrition at Edge Hill gave me a good understanding of the principles of nutrition and public health needed to understand the causes of non-communicable diseases and health inequalities, which I use regularly in my current job. The degree also equipped me with the skills to critically analyse evidence to ensure I am recommending evidence-based advice to my patients.

Following studying Nutrition and Health, I completed a PG dip in nutrition and dietetics which enabled me to qualify as a registered dietitian.

I am now a registered dietitian working for the NHS. I see patients in hospital and advise on nutritional plans to medically unwell patients. This involves developing feeding regimes for tube fed patients, encouraging weight gain in patients at risk of malnutrition and supporting patient’s nutritional development during rehab for brain injuries.”

Student Profile | Emma Wafer

Emma graduated from Edge Hill University in July 2017 with a First Class Honours Degree in Nutrition and Health.

‘Whilst in my third year at  Edgehill University studying BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Health one of my modules entitled, Personal Career Development, required me to complete a  placement in order for me to pass the course. One of the key focus points of the module was the transition process from study to the working environment with the focus on increasing key transferable and employability skills.

With ambitions to work with Food for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP), I carried out a work  placement at Nutricia.

My role was in the Product Development team, assisting Technicians with various testing, shadowing Technologists and working within the sensory lab.  I  was provided with the materials and resources needed to complete work relating to my university module but also  gained vital work experience within this industry.”

As Emma made a great impression, we asked her to extend her time in our Quality Department for a further 2 months, doing data entry for the China FSMP submission of new  products into China. 

After leaving Nutricia Emma kept an eye on our careers site and in contact with colleagues and came across the opportunity to apply for a role with the Productivity, security of Supply and capability team as Product Technician for Project Libra. Successfully applied and was recruited to commenced in summer 2017

Her role is supporting the implementation of changes to existing products as part of a continuous improvement programme to meet new legislation and market requirements

Emma’s first 3 months – she has already featured in company newsletter ! ‘Danone contributes to the learning and progression of its  employees.’

“The training and mentorship I have received from people within the company not only allowed me to take full advantage of opportunities during my placement enabling me to complete my portfolio to a high standard, but enhanced my employability.  Three months in, my personal development journey continues…”

Student Profile | Nathan Little

Nathan graduated from Edge Hill University in July 2018 with a First Class Honours Degree in Nutrition and Health.

“Since leaving Edge Hill, I took on a 1 year MA Documentary course at Liverpool John Moores University in 2017-18.

I had a keen interest in filmmaking, media and journalism during my time at Edge Hill and received a Creative Arts scholarship from the university alongside being nominated for an Enterprise Award following completion of the Nutriton and Entrepreneurship module.

I have taken quite a different route from what most students graduating from the Nutrition course would do, however I am still implementing my knowledge from the course to this day.

I currently hold a position as a Graphics Designer and Videographer, however I also work on my own projects with a company I set up called Glass Line Media.

We currently have a number of projects in the works, a few of which are documentaries exploring various areas of nutrition, health and other science fields.

As I gained extensive knowledge from the Nutrition and Health course, as well as the research skills necessary to produce these films, I am confident that myself and my team will be able to bring forward interesting and compelling films to enlighten audiences as to the newest developments in the field of nutrition and health.”


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