CPR Edge Hill University

Beth and members of the Operating Department Practice team at our Ormskirk campus took part in a QCPR race using BLS manikins.

The aim of the race was to do Quality Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for 60 seconds on the manikins which then made the ambulance indicators move across the screen. The winner was the first ambulance to cross the finish line.

The Software, which is currently available in 12 adult manikins at the Ormskirk site and 4 at Manchester, allows users to measure the efficiency of cardiac compressions via Bluetooth, and the app which links to the manikin is free to download and can either be looked at on an individual basis or, as in this case, displayed as a ‘Team Race’.

The more efficient (in terms of rate, depth of compression etc.) the compressions, the faster the ambulance travels and candidates are scored by numerical value in relation to whatever percentage of their compressions score ‘good’.

In terms of teaching clinical skills, this additional software can make learning enjoyable and meaningful. They are recommended by the European Resuscitation Council as a means of ‘measurement’ as currently, assessors rely on subjective observations.

This software adds a little bit of interest for those competitive types as well as improving a vital skill.

In addition, there is a facility on the manikins to measure ‘effective rescue breaths’ for those who are feeling adventurous.

We are hoping to open the race up to everyone and hold a knock out competition to find the faculty’s ‘Most effective QCPR person/team’ – There will also be a prize!

More details to follow…

– Beth Spencer

Clinical Skills Co-ordinator, Edge Hill University.