Operating Department Practice Edge Hill University

On Thursday 16th May, the Faculty of Health and Social Care foyer was transformed using plenty of Clinical Skills equipment to promote National ODP Day.

The ‘Operating Theatre’ was setup to simulate a live theatre, and other pieces of kit were used to promote how Clinical Skills are taught to Operating Department Practice students here at Edge Hill. For example:

  • Clinical hand washing using the ‘Glitter Bug’ and ‘Glow Bars’ to check the effectiveness of hand washing.
  • ‘QCPR Racing’ to practice quality CPR compressions.
  • The ‘Cricoid Pressure Trainer’ to measure and simulate the amount of pressure on the Cricoid Cartilage when performing a rapid sequence induction.
  • ‘Airway Heads’ to practice the insertion of an Airway Tube correctly and BVM performance.

– Beth Spencer

Clinical Skills Co-ordinator, Edge Hill University.