Learning Services are currently working in collaboration with colleagues in the Faculty of Health and Social Care on a pre-entry module ‘Stepping Up to Edge Hill University’. 

The aim of the pre-entry module, delivered via the Blackboard Open Education platform, is to support students with their transition into their academic programme at the University.  The learning modules are designed to be interactive and engaging with embedded videos and quizzes.







Objectives of the module include:

  • Meeting the academic teams
  • Expectations of the department/the course
  • Introduction to the terminology and language of the University
  • What to expect during the first few weeks
  • Help and support available from Learning Services and other support departments
  • Discussion opportunities with other students on the same course

For more information about the pre-entry module contact Helen Jamieson via email at [email protected]

4 responses to “Stepping Up: Supporting student nurses with their transition into the University”

  1. Hi Helen –
    This looks like a fantastic piece of work – if it wouldn’t be too much trouble could you please keep me posted with updates – Thank you 🙂


    • Yes – this is now live and the new course for March 2019 Nursing will be launched shortly.