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What is The National Teaching Repository? 

The National Teaching Repository is an open access online searchable database where tried and tested strategies ‘that work’ can be housed and harvested.

A space where colleagues can upload and share teaching resources, pedagogical research, approaches and ideas. Their innovations and strategies and in doing so not only help others, but gain recognition and be acknowledged for and e able to evidence of the impact of their work in practice. A platform where anyone can search and access hands-on, practical ideas and resources, off the shelf ready to use or to adapt for implementation in their own settings.

Facilitating your ability to showcase your practice in a range of non-traditional research formats including data, books, reports, code, videos, images, audio recordings, posters, and presentations.


…because all too often great ideas are hidden and even when brought to the fore they are not always considered to be of any value outside of the discipline or institution where they originated.

The National Teaching Repository creates a central space where anyone with an interest in teaching and learning and supporting developments in this field can view, download, upload, share and browse the very best ideas. Either to use as ‘off the shelf’ transferable strategies for immediate direct application, or with adaption to meet the needs of their own context.

The repository is all about supporting the strategic implementation of effective interventions that lead to real improvements for students by providing access to high-quality support to as many colleagues as we can because ‘better’ support for staff equals ‘better’ outcomes for students. 

How does it work?

The repository is housed within a system called Figshare.

Within the repository we have created several folders called categories. You simply decide where your work sits best and upload. It is possible to have work that straddles two categories. You can upload almost anything: Papers, Reports, Key Note Lectures, Power Point Presentations, Video, Teaching Resources and Materials.

Use the categories and add key words to help people to find your work easily. Our curators will help ensure your work is located in the most appropriate space and support you in making your work visible.

You can link your work to your ORCID ID, request a unique DOI for each item you upload and altmetrics will help you to measure the impact.

What are the benefits of sharing my work?

In addition to supporting others to develop their practice, uploading your work into The National Teaching Repository has several personal and professional benefits:

•Gain national recognition

•Protect your academic and intellectual property

•Secure a unique DOI for each item you upload

•Measure the impact of your practice 

Use evidence of your impact:

•To help you to secure a new job or promotion

•As evidence for performance review

•To support a Fellowship or National Teaching Fellowship application

Please visit the repository to access the welcome guidance for additional help, guidance, advice and support.

Curated practice from across the sector 

Currently the repository has the following sub-groups to help organise your pedagogical practice:

  Welcome and Guidance

  The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

  ICTs and Intercultural Learning

Continuing your professional development

  Digital Education

Links to Institutions and Organisations (SEDA, ALT and Key Notes, Webinars, Invited Talks and Lectures)

  Assessment and Feedback

  Supporting the Student Experience

  Students as Partners

  Coming soon:

Secondary and Further Age Phase Education (Subjects)

  Primary and Early Years Age Phase Education

Overview of the repository

Fields can be added so if you have any suggestions please do get in touch.

The role of the Curator

Each group within the repository has at least one curator and their role is similar to an editor. Curators help to organise and curate the content. They help ensure your work is visible and housed in the most appropriate place. They can also support you to promote your work for example through the use of social media.  

It is our intention that at the end of 12months, with each curator taking on the role of section editor, collections within the repository will be archived and compiled into a compendium of effective best practice which would be published online.

Future Opportunities:

We are very keen to create as many opportunities for as many people as we can to get recognition for what they do. Not only to share their practice but to gain experience as curators and editors, to support them in their careers, to gain national recognition and to enhance their academic reputations.

It is our intention that curators if they so wish would ‘move on’ after 12- 18 months, perhaps into a mentoring role, to support a new curators to have a similar opportunities for personal and professional growth and development.

The repository is hosted within Edge Hill University’s Figshare and curated by colleagues from a growing number of institutions. If you would like to get involved, please get in touch.

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